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    Bob Sakayama has been creating professional websites since 1998, and has current webmaster responsibilities on both commerce and resource portals. He is experienced in all aspects of web service procurement, and has implemented hundreds of web pages across many domains. He is the webmaster of this site and is here to help you build yours. This is his homepage.

Bob's site is an example of a working eLinks website.

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Philosphy of the Homepage

    When posting text on a web homepage, short is better than long. At least at the top of the page. The best homepages provide an enticement to go further. Organize your main points, give each a good headline descriptive, and then link to the rest of the information, like this. More

    It also allows you to break up your text, which is tedious if it's long, especially on the first page of your site. The homepage is for the index, table of contents or condensed version with a link for more details.

    Break your pitch into main points:

What you get with Bob:

-1- The best site, for the best price. Do the price comparisons.
      Check out what the ongoing charges really are. You'll see
at the Pro/Sites website program is exceptional. More

      Here's an article on by Janet Attard
      that allows you to compare our prices to known services.

-2- Accessible help. Know any other webmaster/host/designers
      you can contact easily? website

-3- Personal responsibility. Bob accepts it, because he stands
      behind his work. Pro/Sites

-4- Broad experience. Bob has been creating websites for over
      7 years. He has designed sophisticated portals that function
      both as resource and commerce sites. He also provides
creative services to broadcasters. client list

-5- Exceptional resources. As a result of his experience, Bob
      has first hand experience in all aspects of web service
      procurement. He put together this collection of resources to
      help you build your site.

-6- Flexibility. Not everyone fits the standard protocols, some
      need more images, less pages, etc. Bob is here to make things
      work for you. Tell him your story. He'll try to bend the rules for

Links enable your main presentation to be lean, readable and more compelling. Putting the details on another page allows you to go into much greater depth on many more issues.

If you're not a computer maven, it may be difficult to imagine having a functional, professional website, let alone one that's really affordable. But creating a site that accomplishes your goals is easier than you think if you have the right tools, and the right person helping you. Bob's specialty is creating useful websites that showcase professional skills. He knows what to suggest for your site to make it both effective and impressive. The internet offers many opportunities to improve your standing in the marketplace. It starts with your own professional website. Call Bob.

This feature is called a "Marquee" and you can have one on your site, free.

Bob Sakayama, web enabler
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