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    Link to more. Always link to more details when you can. This enables you to make a more compelling presentation, focused on the main points of benefit, uncluttered by details.The links permit you to follow up on previously mentioned strong points to add emphasis and clarification.

Bob's site is an example of a working eLinks website.

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Linking can also be done to outside resources, your clients website, your suppliers website, anywhere you want.

Here are some other ways links can be used:

Link from an image. Notice on this page, my photo is a link. It takes you back to my homepage.

You can also create a link that opens the email program. Like this: send email

You can put a link on any word, space, character, image, anything you can define. You can link from inside a table as shown here.

Sometimes links are everything:

You can create a resource by compiling of list of valuable links, like the resource below, Resources For Music Teachers on the web, created as content enrichment for one of our sites:

Resources For Music Teachers
Cindy Shirk's incredible K-12 resource. Bookmark this one.
Sandy Toms' collection of resources for and by teachers
Bernie Poole & Yvonne Singer's Elementary Education Resources
The K-12 National Standards, PreK Standards, and What They Mean to Music Educators
from Larry Newman articles & resources for teachers
more from Larry Newman: this is a huge collection of great links
Franklin Institute's music hotlist - good broad list of links
Susan Galentine's Music Education Gal site with resources to simplify the lesson planning, professional development, and classroom life of the music educator
The Texas School Music Project (TSMP) This site helps you make music with children by providing ideas and information about specific problems common to all specialists in your discipline, and teaching tips and "tricks of the trade" for music educators of all levels.
glossary of musical terms
José Rodríguez Alvira's Music Theory Web great stuff.Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum -- to students of all ages. A host of educational experts brings you tested ideas for using the magic of music in your lesson plans. Educational songs from popular artists are presented by subject.
Mary Flynn's song resource for teacher
Sandy Jones' songs for teaching resource

Link to more information, more details, more specifics.

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