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On this page, we try to answer all the most common questions. Please read this if you are interested in learning more. The questions have evolved through the real needs of our clients and many will be germaine to your situation.

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Why put web pages on the internet?
     The whole point of a web presence is to have a place where anyone in the world can access your information, at their convenience. A website, no matter how modest, can create opportunities for you to connect with a very large community, the internet. And it's important because it enables you to position yourself within the framework of your profession, as well as to project a more compelling image of your service or product line. Pro/Sites offers professionals a way to be a full fledged internet participant at a very reasonable cost, with minimal hassle.

What is website hosting?
     Your pages reside on our domain, we "host" your content, making it available on the internet.

Should an independent professional have a web site?

Should I buy a unique domain name for myself?
     There are at least 2 answers to this question, depending on the situation.

     -1- If the intent of the website is corporate, or if it generates income through online sales, you probably want a unique domain. In this situation, you really cannot avoid all the costs of hosting, domain registration, tech support, web mastering, etc.

     -2- If the intent of the website is personal marketing of skills, services, and products, then a unique domain is completely unnecessary, and may even be an unnecessary burdon. If managing a domain is not important to your business, Pro/Sites can be a smarter way to have an effective web presence.

What is domain sharing?
     We have another page that answers that question: Domain Sharing

If I want to purchase a unique domain, can I still benefit from your website offer?
     Yes, our fees are the same for the creation of your site, but you will have to handle the hosting and domain registration fees separately. We will help you set everything up if you need a unique domain, as well as provide all the design resources and tech support to get up and running. We will help you manage all the upload issues, enabling you to focus on your business instead of your website.

What's the differenct between a Pro/Sites shared domain website and one with a unique domain?
     First, let's take the one with the unique domain: With a website, you are responsible for finding and registering a unique domain name, and paying the annual fee that reserves the domain for you. You also have to locate and pay for a hosting service, upon whose servers your site will reside. Both domain registration and host services are separate ongoing expenses. Then, your materials must be prepared, edited, digitized, and formatted as html so the page looks good and does what you want. You probably will pay another fee to a webmaster or someone who can handle the technicals required to post your site onto your host servers, and manage changes. But if you conduct online commerce, these expense are necessary.

     Then, consider a Pro/Sites' shared domain website: Your pages have the same functionality as any website. Each page on your site will have a unique URL (web address), and can contain links, photos - anything you can put on a webpage. You will have your own private site, over which you have complete control, but you will have no hassle with domain registration, hosting, tech support, webmaster. We handle absolutely everything for you. If managing a domain is not important to your business, Pro/Sites can be a smarter way to have a website.

What is my total cost for having a website?
     It can be created and uploaded for as low as $99 with free hosting for the whole first year. Our hosting fee is only $5/month ($60/yr) after that.

What is the downside of a shared domain website?
     The only downside is that you don't have a domain registered in your name. Of course, this is only a downside if you need a domain.

Does not having a domain mean I can't get be listed in search engines or directories?
     Any of our sites can be submitted to any search engine and appropriate web directories. Bob's web enabler site <> is found in several webmaster directories online.

What if I already have a unique domain site that's costing me too much to maintain?
     If it's a small site (less than 10 pages), move it to our shared domain hosting plan. Once it's up, it's only $5/month. No more hassling with domain registration, hosting, designer, webmaster issues.

Will I have a unique web address? On a shared domain do I have to share a homepage?
     You will have you very own homepage with a unique web address (URL - Universal Resource Locator). Your site is completely independent of any other sites hosted on a shared domain. Each page on your site will have its own unique URL.

What will be the URL of my homepage?    here's Bob's: <>

How do I get my materials to you?
     Email them. Set up is free if your materials are digital files.

My materials are from several sources. Can you help me assemble them?
     Of course. We can handle anything you have. There are additional charges for materials that need to be typed, scanned, converted, manipulated or extracted from other documents, but we can give you an estimate on any situation.

I have images that I need resized for my pages. How do you charge for graphics work?
     Simple resizing is free in the set up of new sites/pages.
     Adding web ready images to an existing page is $25/image.
     Scanning fee is $25/image.
     Most other work is billed at $50/hr

Can I make changes to my pages? And how much does that cost?
     We have a system that enables you to change postings without spending a lot of money. You format it, email it. Cut and paste updates are $25.

What if I can't use a computer, or have no files, only paper documents? Can I still have an online resume?
     Anyone can get online. Send us hard copies of your documents, images, and we'll give you the cost to prepare them for your site.

Can you put a link on my pages so that visitors can send email orders to my mailbox at Yahoo?
     Yes, you can have multiple email links if you need them. You can also post links to your favorite suppliers, customers, etc. You can even stream audio messages or music. Go look at the samples and see my site.

There are a lot of sites where you can post your resume free, but you also have to share that space with a lot of their ads. Do Pro/Sites websites have ads on them?
     The only ads on your site are put there by you. You have complete control over the content of your pages. Period.

Benefits of Pro/Sites:
A professional web presence
Free 1st year hosting
Free set up
Expericenced help
Free ASCII download pages
   for resumes

No hassles:
domain registration


ePages $99  2 page site
eLinks $199  5 page site
ePortal $299  7 page site

Hosting is free on all new sites for one year
After1 year, hosting is $5/month

Set up is free from digital materials

More Options:
Adding pages with content to an existing site: usu $50/page
Custom graphics
     Our Photoshop expert can do anything
     (negotiated fee or $50/hr)
Audio streams: your voice, music, or message
     $5/month for 5 minutes. More details available.

Service fees:
$25 for a cut and paste update
$25 per image scan/manipulation
$50/hr ($25/half hr) on all other text,
     graphics, html, or SEO issues.

Accept credit card orders through us:
$10/month + $1/transaction

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