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     + Search Engine Optimization has become an essential
         component of any internet marketing strategy.
     + Organic SEO enables the use of search engines as
         marketing tools by putting your site on the results page.
     + SEO creates targeted traffic with targeted content.
     + Achieve high rankings for your keywords.
     + Put your product in front of motivated buyers.


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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
     It is the newly recognized marketing paradigm of the internet. More and more people use search engines to find the products and services they seek. Those websites that appear on the first or second pages of a particular search result will receive free, targeted traffic from motivated searchers simply as a result of this placement. SEO is a new marketing science and the methodology by which websites attain good positioning in these important search results. Unlike advertising, which has a limited life, the impact of optimization continues on as a structural element of your website, delivering targeted traffic long after you stop paying for it. I am Bob Sakayama, SEO enabler, and I will personally guide you or your staff through the process of optimizing your website for keywords that are important to your business.

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The text on your pages has become
the most important factor in SEO,
Content, content, content. If you want a high rank for your keywords in a competitive area, you need contextual content in a big way. The Googlebot indexes the actual words on the page, and calculates your position using keyword density as one factor. My experience shows that large doses of properly targeted content, all by itself, can make a huge difference in your SERPs (search engine results page).


The targets of searches must be well
defined to produce sales.
While it is true that content is king, you must create that content around wise keyword choices if you expect to see rank improvements that produce sales. Your keyword choices can make or break your optimization effort. You need words that people actually search for, as well as describe your product, for which you are willing to compete. Some keywords are easy, some impossible.


Links into your site are rank improving votes
of confidence if they are natural and relevant.
It used to be that links from other sites were genuine votes of approval, and so became a standard way for search engines to rank. But as rank hungry siteowners realized that search engines valued links highly, people started selling them, making link farms, and generally tried to beat the system by getting any kind of link. However this is resolved, the index will always value highly relevant, natural links.

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Certain components are getting obsolete,
while others are more important than ever.
The hard coding stuff used to be the most important, but has now become the least important. It's too easy to scam the meta tags with false data. The important ones now aren't the descriptive tags, but the ones that guide the robots, the index spiders, and call them, and invite them back. The hard code issues now have to do with dynamic sites with no static pages, but that's something else...

Capitalizing On The New Marketing Paradigm

by Bob Sakayama, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have ever searched the internet for a product or service, think for a moment about that process.

You type a descriptive into a search engine. The results page has 10 websites (plus targeted ads) that supposedly match your words. If you see what you need, you can purchase, bookmark, or visit other sites on this or perhaps the next results page. But if you really want this product now, and it's available, you will buy from one these offerings.

It's so easy. And therefore compelling, from a marketing perspective.

Because it's easy, "search and buy" is becoming the most popular way to shop. It's the new marketing paradigm, and many companies now incorporate search engine marketing into their strategies, buying keyword relevant ads that get displayed on results pages when chosen keywords are searched. Overture, Google AdWords, Yahoo, MSN and many others sell these search related ads.

But what many marketers still don't realize, is that many of these ads may be completely unnecessary.

Because if you focus some of your marketing resources on optimizing your website, targeting your important keyword sets, you can build a site that will organically appear on the results page as a natural search result, instead of a paid ad. This will give you free, targeted traffic that's specifcally looking for your keywords. And unlike the ad, there is no advertising fee. Also, because optimization builds the search ranking into the structure of your site, the benefit continues, long after the optimization stops. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the science and methodology that enables this opportunity.

For The Growler Tapes, I started out running an AdWords campaign, buying the keywords "kids audiobooks" and "kid's audiobooks." But after optimizing the site for these words, the website moved from positions #19/#24 to positions #1/#1 in Google. I then removed the ads, because in a search for these words, the site appeared on the left, AND the ad on the right (on the first results page). Good SEO made the ads redundant.

Bob Sakayama, SEO

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