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Faye Kerr,
custom woodworker

   Faye is a custom woodworker, making specialty cabinets and furniture since 1978. She specializes in adaptive design, products that assist disabled persons with their unique needs.

   If you are looking for tools to assist special needs, Faye can help you design and implement your new adaptive device. She has helped many people by making furniture more accessible, portable, and user friendly. She has devices that can position sturdy tables over beds. Her adaptive designs clamp onto tables, chairs, wheelchairs - anywhere there is a need, there is a way.

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"Faye's bedside device has definitely improved the quality of my mother's life,
by enabling her to do simple tasks more comfortably."

Faye uses Ray Day's design: a wheel chair tray mount to enable disabled children to participate in music. Here is a tray mount, used here to hold drums. A variation on the wheel chair tray mount with deep clamp and more percussion.

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Faye is often called a musical enabler, because she enables disabled children to play musical instruments with her adaptive devices.

Faye Kerr
Wish I Wood, 25A Mountain Lane, Forest City, MZ 35588