About Bob Sakayama, the Creator of The Growler Tapes

"Growlers are not for the sing along with Barney crowd.
They are for children who have broad vocabularies, creative minds,
and are willing to think beyond the box of ordinary storytelling.
One of the joys of this series is that it does not talk down to listeners..."
(School Library Journal)


Chances are good that you've heard Bob Sakayama's work. His music and sound designs have been released in virtually every medium from records, CDs, audiocassettes, TV, radio, film, video, to multimedia, video walls, webcasts, and CD-ROM programming.

He has created and produced the music used by the major networks, sports teams, cable networks, TV & radio stations, & program producers. Bob's experience includes over 30 years as a composer/producer, during which time he helped create many different kinds of entertainment.

His production company, TNG/Earthling, Inc., boasts an audio production facility used exclusively for original music and experimentation in the audio arts (and Growler stories).

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When his kids were born, he quickly discovered that innovative audio for children did not exist. The major publishers and labels were not developing audio beyond books-on-tape or classics read by celebrities, and most of these were overly simplistic productions: voice recordings of edited books mixed with stock music and a handful of effects.  Commercials had more production value than kids' audio.


These observations led Bob to commit resources toward the development of programs for kids that would not only make full use of modern recording technologies (the ability to simultaneously control huge numbers of sounds, voices, music, etc.), but also fuse the storytelling power of sound with sophisticated story concepts. After many years of development, The Growler Tapes Adventures (Classic Series), was born. The reviews were effusive.

The powerful reaction to the first series led to the development of an even more sophisticated series, Growler Radio - the primary drama now enhanced with short programs (like the news, magic helpline, complaint forum, etc.), and even more intricacies in the story concepts. This new series was immediately chosen for use as an in-classroom supplement and had been provided by the New York City Board Of Education via WNYE (91.5 FM) every week to all teachers in the public school system. 


Growlers are recommended by large numbers of homeschooling organizations and periodicals all across the country as a supplement to customized curricula, and a thought provoking alternative to television.  Most states allow homeschoolers to use Growler stories to fulfill literary arts requirements. So stay tuned.

Some of Bob Sakayama's other children's credits:
(note that most have educational/teaching components to them)

Captain Kangaroo (scores)
    The Electric Company (scores)
    Nickelodeon (songs, scores)
    Vegetable Soup (original songs, scores, sound design)
    What On Earth? (theme)

Science... Simply Amazing! (theme)
    You Can Do It (theme)

The Growler Tapes & Growler Radio (creation/production)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (music & sound design)
    Rudolph's Second Christmas (music & sound design)
    Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears (sound design)
    Trumpet Club Books Out Loud:
        I Went Walking (songs, scores, production)
        In The Haunted House (songs, scores, production)
        Skip To My Lou (songs, scores, production)

he Day The World Broke (music & sound design)
The Grolier Encyclopedia (all instruments)

The Monkey's Paw (score, sound design)

Text Books:
Silver Burdett's "Teaching Music" (songs for the textbook series)