Baby Growlers 5: Shoelace Blues

Baby Growlers 5: Shoelace Blues is a exuberant, jaunty treat  guaranteed to elicit fun conversations with your children / child.


"We think Baby Growlers are great! "
(Bonnie Masters, Peoria Hts., IL)



Some of Our Favorites from Baby Growlers 5

Baby Patrol -
There's a baby on my left, a baby on my right
As we perform our secret mission tonight
Check in every corner, peek in every hole
That's the way we do it in the Baby Patrol

Bad Mood Growler -
Someone's sleeping way too late I think we all know who
One of us has got to wake him but no one wants to!

Bubble Gum -
This one is Sammy
He don't know what he's doin'
Could be something he swallowed
When he should have kept chewin'

Break It -
Mother Huhu says no matter how you shake it
To cook with this egg we're gonna have to break it!

One Tomato -
When you see Baby Growlers be careful what you do
Cause you don't need no babies botherin' you...

Shoelace Blues -
What can I say what can I do?
Got a knot on my hands and the shoelace blues
I could learn to tie them if I choose
Until then I got the shoelace blues..

Scratchers & Squawkers -
ADJs and chickens share the lead in this performance.



Baby Growlers 5: Shoelace Blues      Time 37:08


composer/producer: Bob Sakayama
copyright 2004 Earthling Music (ASCAP)



-1- Introduction 5


  Growler Fred, Papa Huhu, babies & group

-2- Baby Patrol


  Papa Huhu, babies, group

-3- Bad Mood Growler


  Brother Huhu, Papa Huhu, Sammy, group

-4- Bubble Gum


  Sammy, Papa Huhu, group

-5- If You Were A Chicken


  Chicken Little & The Squawkers, Uncle Huhu, group

-6- The Dinosaur Waltz


  Growler Fred, Papa Huhu, group

-7- Break It


  Uncle Huhu, Papa Huhu, Sammy, group

-8- One Tomato


  Papa Huhu, group

-9- Mysteries "Under The Bed"


  Dutchess Of Hu, Chicken Little & The Squawkers, group

-10- When You See Baby Growlers


  Brother Huhu, Papa Huhu, babies, group

-11- Shoelace Blues


  Growler Fred, group

-12- Piggy Bank


  The Famous Pigs, Papa Huhu, group

-13- Mother Huhu's Magic Show


  Mother Huhu, Papa Huhu, group

-14- I Am Your Dinosaur


  Growler Fred, Brother Huhu, group

-15- Scratchers & Squawkers


  Papa Huhu, Chicken Little & The Squawkers, group

-16- Rockin' Chair


  Papa Huhu, group




"On the first day that I had the Baby Growler 1 CD, I took it to my girlfriend's house so she could listen. On the way home, my son wanted to listen to it again. When we realized I had left it at my friend's house, my son started crying, "I want Baby Growlers!" Although we were almost home, I turned the car around and headed back to get the CD."
(Roseanne Nalipinski, Malveroe, NY)