Frequently Asked Questions about The Growler Tapes


Do you need to listen to each story in order?

Listen in any order. Each story is a stand-alone experience.


What stories are appropriate for what ages?

  • 4 - 11 years old: The Growler Tapes (Classic Series)
  • 6 - 12 years old: Growler Radio


What's the difference between The Growler Tapes (Classic Series) and Growler Radio?

Both series feature sophisticated storytelling & sound production. The Growler Tapes (Classic Series) is linear - drama from beginning to end. Growler Radio presents drama interspersed with short programs which provide other perspectives on the unfolding mystery.

Producer's note: Growler Radio was created over an 8 year period and the series has gradually grown in sophistication as the two lead children have aged.  This helps explain the wide disparity in recommended ages by reviewers.


Can I read any reviews of these stories?

These links take you to comments and reviews by parents, scholastic publications, educators, etc.:

  • Reviews
  • Educators & Growlers
  • What Parents Say About Growlers


What are these stories about?

You listen in on very strange occurrences that are experienced by the lead characters.  Lots of mind bending ideas, mysterious "unexplainables", & weirdly logical revelations in a world where the possibilities are extraordinary.  Lots of excitement, adventure, and discovery are woven into each nontraditional experience.


How can I hear a sample?

This site has audio samples for every story. Look for a double asterisk ** near an image.
An audio sample will play when the image is clicked.