Growler Fun Activities

This page has a collection of fun activities created in the Growler tradition of tricking you into learning.

We dare you to try this stuff and not learn anything.


Growler Fun Links:

The Growler Tapes Crossword Puzzles
Lots of crosswords for children. All the words in these puzzles come from the word lists provided. We recommend that you print out each puzzle.

The Imagination Challenge
Mind benders. Read and test your imagination.

¸¸¸Uncle Huhu's Knock Knock City
The best original knock knocks from a pro. This guy teaches weird phonics by telling jokes!

The Magic Qualification Exam
The only way to become a licensed practitioner. The actual exam. It's a killer.

The Instant Stupidity Exam
Proof that easy is hard.

More Stupidity
"Without it, nothing is accomplished." (Oldold's journal)

What's Unusual About This Paragraph
It's so obvious, it's painful.

Amazing Huhu Facts
A mixture of history, science, philosophy, and humor.

The Growlerville Tourist
A must read for anyone planning the trip.

Also "The Real Growlerville"
A riveting reporting by the   investigative journalist Mr. E.

AND a Little Growler Math

Three Growlers go to rent a tractor mounted Shadow Harvester. Sister Sammy, the clerk at Encrusted Rentals says, "OK. That'll be thirty Q." Each Growler puts in 10 Q, they get the keys, and are headed for bay #8 to pick it up when Sister Sammy comes running out after them saying, "Sorry guys, I made a mistake, it's only 25 Q. Here's 5 Q back." Since 5 Q is difficult to split three ways, they each take back a Q, and tip Sister Sammy 2 Q for being an honest Huhu. So now each Growler has put in 9 Q, and the clerk gets tipped 2 Q. 3x9=27, plus the two makes 29.

Where is the other Q?