The Growler Tapes Catalog

Audio For Kids 2-12

There are three series in this catalog which you can listen to on this site.



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Baby Growlers 1-5

Music for ages 2 - 6.

Songs, silliness, and fun for the littlest Growlers among us. Baby Growlers is a music driven listening experience featuring our famously unusual characters singing and cavorting in Growlerville. The message is pure fun with a solid groove, produced with an eclectic palette of instruments and sounds that create a world children will relate to from the first listen.

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The Growler Tapes I-IV


(The Classic Series)

Stories for ages 4 - 10.

THE GROWLER TAPES Audio Adventures is the first children's series to make extensive use of the new technologies to control large numbers of sound elements, including music, voices, audio environments, etc. to support the drama in high-end children's programs.  This 4 episode series sets new standards for children's audio when it was first released.

Each story stands on its own.

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Growler Radio 1-9

Growler Radio 10-18

Growler Radio 19-27

Stories for ages 6 - 12.


Representing the state of the art in children's audio drama, GROWLER RADIO takes storytelling to another level.  The characters, concepts, and production techniques have evolved further.   Here, information comes at you not only from the drama, but also from many other sources.  The news, a magic helpline, a complaint forum, entertainment, historic context, opinions, etc. all contribute to the richness of the unfolding mystery (just like in real life).  Super exciting stories, more ear-grabbing characters, plus the introduction of more challenging vocabulary and story concepts all designed to make kids listen and learn. 

Each story stands on its own