The Growler Tapes Crossword Puzzles


We recommend that you listen to the story before doing the crossword puzzle. Click here to hear any of The Classic Series or Growler Radio.

However, Growler Fred said there will be those "smarty pants" who will attempt to do the puzzles without listening to the story.

Growler Fred says: "Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!"

Mother Huhu's reply: "Hu hu. It's all right, Fred!"


The Classic Series of Crossword Puzzles


I    Cutting The Cord           

II  A Sign From The Sky

III  Square Bubbles            

IV Quarter Past 20




Growler Radio Crosswords


1   I Am Not A Pig!

2   The Sky Rider Problem

3   Way Out

4   Imposimazoo

5   Book Of Lies

6   Dry Water

7   Summer Snow


                                       8   Invisibility Crisis

                                        9   Time Stop

                                       10  Mad Rainbow

                                       11  Time In 2 Bottles


12  Wave Of The Future

13  Voice Throw

14  Nothing For Christmas

15  Recipe For Disaster

16  Seeds Of Doubt

17  Edible Incredible


                   18  Ring Of Truth

                  19  Stuck On A Sneeze

                   20  Toxic Obnoxic

                   21  Bottomless Bag

                   22  The Noise Thief

                   23  Glitch

                   24  EverCool


We recommend that you print out each puzzle.

See instructions on each puzzle page.