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"The Growler Radio audio series takes storytelling to the status of fine art."
(Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review's Children's Bookwatch)


GROWLER RADIO takes storytelling to another level.   The characters, concepts, and production techniques have evolved further.   Here, information comes at you not only from the drama, but also from many other sources.  The news, a magic helpline, a complaint forum, entertainment, historic context, opinions, etc. all contribute to the richness of the unfolding mystery (just like in real life).  Super exciting stories, more ear-grabbing characters, plus the introduction of more challenging vocabulary and story concepts all designed to make kids listen and learn


GROWLER RADIO fuses high intensity drama with some enlightening short programs:


Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline - Offers help with your everyday magic.

I Don't Blame You - Because you learn from complaints.

Amazing Huhu Facts - Otherwise you wouldn't believe it.

Miscellaneous is Uncle Huhu's comedy/entertainment special.

News can be very interesting indeed.



Growler Radio Catalog: Stories 1- 9


1 - I Am Not A Pig!

Why is the Huhu Authority gathering and burning all reported Swine Laurel bushes?  This plant only comes out once every 10,000 moons, but when it does, it's always a magical disaster!   And if you don't have the antidote, you're going to need exceptionally good luck!

Looking for a ball, the kids make a mysterious discovery.  Someone dug a hole in the meadow and left a trail of dirt.  Then there are those weird little creatures and that message overheard in the giant house.  And why are all those pigs denying that they're pigs?

I Am Not A Pig Crossword Puzzle





2 - The Sky Rider Problem

Someone put too much magic into the new Sky Rider Passenger Kites!  They go up fine, they just can't come down.  And here you are stranded on board, without a parachute!  What do you do when everyone else has abandoned ship except for someone named Growler Louise?

There's no wind, yet the kite goes straight up until the string runs out.  Then, in one instant, the kite comes tumbling down.  But in that same instant, much more happened, and some of it is very hard to explain.  Like who's flying the kite?  And who's riding IN it?

The Sky Rider Problem Crossword Puzzle





3 - Way Out

Way Out is made from purified T-9.  It looks like a black rubber pizza, but when you put it on a surface, it becomes a hole you can reach through or go through.  Then, you can grab it by the edge and peel it off, removing the hole.  It's a portable hole, and it's dangerous.

Riding in the car turns into an incredible adventure without ever leaving traffic.  A Way Out was accidentally placed in the back seat of the car, and the kids have fallen in.  In order to get back, they have to borrow some equipment.  But Growler Louise doesn't like it.

Way Out Crossword Puzzle





4 - Imposimazoo

What was it that the ancient Huhu intentionally sealed under all those rocks, and why has Growlerville been quarantined?  Sometimes it's better to leave things buried the way your ancestors intended.  Unless you're prepared to suffer the consequences of contamination.

The wristband that she lost was unique.  There are no others like it.  Because it's so valuable, the Dutchess is offering a reward for it's return.  Now it seems there are TWO of them.  Or are there?  And what exactly does Imposimazoo look like?

Imposimazoo Crossword Puzzle





5 - Book Of Lies

Those antique volumes are reminders that some ancient spells are still potent!  There are some books that you shouldn't read unless you have guidance, and then there are some books that you shouldn't read, EVER!  Dispose of all hazardous magic properly, and don't believe everything you read.

A package containing 2 books gets mistakenly delivered.  The kids encounter the power and danger of magically encrusted antique manuscripts when the package accidentally opens.  And, of course, things are never as they seem.

Book Of Lies Crossword Puzzle





6- Dry Water

Messing with natural forces almost always creates unexpected side effects.  Dr. Growler convinced the Huhu Authority to let him extract wetness factor from the water in the stream.   It makes the water feel good, taste good, and doesn't harm the environment.   So what's the problem?

Something's happening to the stream.  From a quick glance, it's hard to notice anything different, but things have definitely changed.  The Huhu already know about Dr. Growler & his machine, and they WANT him to change their water!  Until they discover the consequences.

Dry Water Crossword Puzzle





7 - Summer Snow

Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.  No one, that is, until Growler Louise and the Dutchess stumbled onto a powerful new enchantment.  But you know how it is when you experiment with magic - sometimes you're hot, sometimes you're not.

It's a heat wave, and it looks like a storm is brewing.  But those clouds are flashing!  The radio says Growlerville is completely buried under snow, and it's still snowing!  The kids get permission to play with the stuff in the Magic Shop, but not everyone believes them.

Summer Snow Crossword Puzzle





8 - Invisibility Crisis

Those ancestral enchantments can be real tricky.  Most don't work at all.  Sometimes they do the exact opposite of what you expect them to do.  And every once in a while, one gets so completely out of control that all you can do is hang on tight and hope that the ancients knew what they were doing.

Just before she disappeared, Mother Huhu was experimenting with an ancient enchantment.  Because she didn't have an updated version of Magic Reference, she thought it was safe.  Now the kids are involved in a full scale emergency.

Invisibility Crisis Crossword Puzzle





9 - Time Stop

Make sure they've got the bugs out of the system before you order any free magic samples over the phone, or you may suddenly find yourself stuck somewhere strange.  No problem, except that Growler Louise won't let anyone read the Magic Reference.  And then there are these seemingly useless beans...

There are so many different kinds of magic, like the enchantment that sounds like music, but actually stops time.  It could be a great way to get your chores done when your schedule's tight.  But what about when it happens to you by accident?

Time Stop Crossword Puzzle





Growler Radio's sophisticated vocabulary is not lost on its listeners.
It's learned by them.


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