GrowlerZone Issue #1

GrowlerZone #1+ + + + GrowlerZone #1

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Issue #1
"It may not be the circles you travel in, but rather that you're traveling in circles at all." (Oldold)

In this issue

- - SUGGESTED LISTENING: Growler Radio 21: Bottomless Bag

- - GRIST: Is Fred Getting a Swelled Head?

- - AMAZING HUHU FACTS: The Need for Regulation.

- - THE REAL GROWLERVILLE REPORTS: More first hand Growlerville News


GROWLER RADIO 21 - Bottomless Bag

Everyone's looking for Grandma Huhu. Students enrolled in Time Manipulation 101 reported her missing when she failed to show for morning lecture. Their greatest fear is that she might be stuck somewhere unknown in time, which would be a big problem. But the actual problem is in fact much, much bigger!

When you see butterflies flying into a Bottomless Bag, you probably should investigate. This bag is bigger on the inside than the outside, so it holds a LOT! The kids get a peek into the past, have a first hand experience with Fast Fingers, and get on the wrong side of Growler Fred.

Revisits: 7 fingered glove (Fast Fingers) and Sooner Or Later. (from Growler Radio 11)

Concept: This story is one of 3 (others are Growler Radio 11 & Growler Radio 13) in which the the beginning is the end.




GRIST: Is Fred Getting a Swelled Head?

by QB Snifs

No doubt about it, Growler Fred is a star, and he's trying to use his new status to influence the content of his show.

"You think they can do this show without me! Just let them try to write me out of this series!" he was overheard whining at Carmine's on the Upper West Side. He was referring to the hit audio series Growler Radio, in which the star has been demanding a larger role.

Restaurant staff told us privately that Fred was exceptionally loud.

"Look. Ya got a show whose title is GROWLER RADIO, the product is a Growler "tape", and yet Growlers are in only a tiny fraction of the scenes! Does that make sense?!! Get out of my fuzzy face!!" he steamed, according to waiter Kevin de Hu.

The producers would not comment for us, but a close advisor to the star told us that Fred is probably going to start freelancing a bit just to see if the show's lawyers are really up for enforcing his exclusivity clause.

Everything is definitely not rosy in Growlerville!





Item: The Bottomless Bag

Fact: With every major technological advance comes unexpected consequences

It seems like only yesterday, if you had a large object, you needed a large space to keep it.

Recent advances in encrusted technology have changed the way we live by providing us with big new spaces in small, convenient packages.

Bottomless Bag, Deep Pockets, Little Big Box, are just some of the brand names of containers using this new space creating technology. Each container holds as much as you put in and its weight never varies no matter how much it's holding. Simply inverting the container retrieves the contents.

Is infinite storage a good thing?

Of course it is!

But there are those who abuse technology, and unseen dangers often surface as a result of popular use, and there clearly is a need for new laws to govern the safe use of these products.

For example, the airlines no longer permit any encrusted containers on board as a result of an incident involving the accidental spilling of a Bottomless Bag while a plane was in flight. Fortunately, everything was quickly put back into the bag, and the plane landed safely after recovering from the overload.

Also, the use of containers to sneak others into the theater is obviously illegal.

And finally, traveling by mail is considered extremely dangerous, yet we know that for many families it is now the most cost effective means of transportation.

When EVERYTHING is invisible, nothing is.

 And that's an amazing Huhu Fact!





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GROWLER RADIO 20, Toxic Obnoxic

Dr. Growler's maniacal attempt to get rid of darkness has led him to make some compromises and take some risks. Like using an encrusted mineral he knows is dangerous. He miscalculated the consequences of failure and that increased the risks not only for the Growlers, but civility itself.

The Baby Huhu twins are missing, dangerous objects are falling from above, and night no longer is a time of darkness. The kids discover the truth about Project No Night and they want no part of it. And then there's this comic book that buts you at the center of the story, and much more.

Revisits: Growlershine, Project No Night (from Growler Tapes 4, Growler Radio 6)

Concepts: Consequences of encrusted experimentation.


The Real Growlerville Reports

The Real Growlerville 1: The Forbidden Zone

A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E

A trip into the Forbidden Zone: ................Despite the ominous sounding name, the Forbidden Zone offers a peek into the vast beauty of a stark, heavily encrusted, natural setting. Located far to the west of Growlerville, this area is strictly off limits to the recreational traveler. ........Read More.