GrowlerZone Issue #7

GrowlerZone #7 + + + + GrowlerZone #7

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Issue #7
"It's a most urgent message of no importance." (Oldold)

In this issue:

- - DEAR GROWLERZONE: Feedback forum

- - SUGGESTED LISTENING: Growler Radio 27 All Thing Being Equal:
Can equality be a bad thing?

- - GRIST: Election Postponed, Explanations Sought

- - AMAZING HUHU FACTS: Is there such a thing as too much equality?

- - THE REAL GROWLERVILLE REPORTS: More first hand Growlerville News
Problems everywhere you look.

- - UNCLE HUHU'S KNOCK-KNOCK CITY: This Pro Just Keeps Up the Silliness



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Dear GrowlerZone,
I really like the idea of Dr. Growler's Project No Night - the total
elimination of night. But I have a question. Is the powerful light called Growlershine in Quarter Past Twenty (GT 4) the same as the Growlershine made from Toxic Obnoxic (GR 20)? Alex Berger

Dear Alex,
Dr. Growler called many light sources Growlershine.
The version using Toxic Obnoxic was much more powerful than the
lights relying on electrical components, as in Quarter Past Twenty. GZ


Dear GrowlerZone,
Who exactly is Oldold? We hear many references to him
throughout the Growler Radio series, but he never appears in any of the stories. But he seems like such an interesting fellow. Lucy Longs

Dear Lucy,
Oldold is an ancestor claimed by many in Growlerville. He is
considered the Master Of Natural Forces. In his native culture, he
was trained as a healer or shaman, and his work with encrusted
phenomena laid the foundation for the technological advances
evident here. GZ


Got questions or comments? Let's hear from you.
gz @ growler.com Put "Dear GrowlerZone" on the subject line.





GROWLER RADIO 27 - All Things Being Equal

During a renovation of Oldold's historic residence, a sealed basement room was discovered and opened.
During the next rainstorm, weird purple fires started popping up everywhere.
Then citizens started having trouble making up their minds.
To top it off, there's an anti-magic candidate running in the election.

It looks like a green, powdery mold, but it's something much more devastating.
It's the essence of the encrusted phenomena Oldold created and named All Things Being Equal, and you'd better not get any on you!

Of course, the Zebe and Rue get it all over them and learn that too much equality can be a bad thing.

Concepts: The notion of equality pushed to the extreme.

Revisits: The political struggle for Growlerville.




GRIST: The Ascent Of A Candidate.

by QB Snifs

In a surprising turn of events, the Growlerville election for representation on the Huhu Authority was postponed,  for the first time in history, and no resolution appears in sight. Although Growler Fred had been gaining momentum in the past several weeks with his staunch anti-magic platform, Mother Huhu was still expected to win in an overwhelming landslide.

But events spun out of control even as the polls opened. The first sign of trouble occurred when officials noticed the line outside polling places stopped moving. An investigation discovered confused voters, still in the voting booths, unable to make up their minds. First thought to be a Fred-inspired conspiracy, the Election Board became convinced they had an emergency on their hands when even long time supporters of both candidates were unable to decide which way to cast their ballots.


In an interview with Grandma Huhu, up until now one of the most solid Mother Huhu supporters, The Growler Times found the matriarch unable to throw her support solidly behind either candidate. She says:
 "They're both great. Mother Huhu has shown strong leadership in the past, but Fred isn't all that bad. In fact he seems equally qualified. Don't know which one I like better. I kind of like them both right now, and either one will do a great job."

Just yesterday, Grandma Huhu was quoted saying, "Fred's pathetic efforts may bring him some short term press coverage, but no way does he have a chance  in this election. He's a wacko and a loser."

On the other side, Growler Louise, who has been recently running Fred's campaign, told reporters today, "Fred has an excellent chance of winning this election. But Mother Huhu isn't a bad choice either. They are both wonderful candidates,  and so equally capable. Maybe they could both win. Wouldn't that be cool?"

In an interview only two days ago, Louise said, "There is only one candidate who is concerned with the consequences of unregulated magic. That is our very own Growler Fred. He stands for what is right and the voters know it. He will win and win big. Mother Huhu is just another slippery politician who has become part of the problem."


Another sign of trouble surfaced when the Election Board, meeting to investigate the problems as well as reschedule the election was unable to agree on how to proceed. Some present at this meeting claim the Board was so disoriented that it could not even commence the meeting. Completely bogged down on minor details, the session continues without a resolution. Sources tell us that a motion to break for lunch was still being debated at midnight.

Anybody know what's going on here? Email us: gz @ growler.com




AMAZING HUHU FACTS (Growler Radio 27 All Things Being Equal)

Item: All Things Being Equal

Fact: Equality is not always a good thing. 

Our ancestor, and Master of Natural Forces, Oldold believed that equality was one of the guiding principles of good government. It didn't matter if you were gigantic, big, small, tiny, teeny tiny, or microscopic. He felt that all citizens should be treated equally not only by the government, but by other citizens as well. But alas, he saw prejudice everywhere - from housing and job discrimination to the everyday act of mistreating those who were different. It affected him so much, that he actually made an effort to cure the population of it. If everything and everyone were equal, these social problems would vanish, he reasoned.

On his very first try, he successfully concocted a spore bearing encrustacean (encrustation) that achieved his goal of eliminating differences. He named it All Things Being Equal and immediately put it into use in Growlerville.

The results were stunning. He seemed to have achieved an astounding success! Everyone was in agreement. Arguments stopped. Prejudice was absent. Everything was equal - every person, every choice.

But All Things Being Equal had a terrible downside.

When all possibilities seem equivalent, choosing among them becomes impossible. The government was unable to enact any legislation. None of the representatives could even decide their own positions. Matters of great importance became equivalent with the trivial.

Civilization stopped, trapped in an indecisiveness so severe, that survival itself was threatened. Should we eat, or not eat?

Fortunately, Oldold had prepared a neutralizing process called By Guess & By Gory, which he used to normalize Growlerville before any real damage had been done.

 And that's an amazing Huhu Fact!




The Real Growlerville Reports

The Real Growlerville 7: The Camouflage Disaster

A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E

I am spellbound as I read about Camouflage. It's a purple liquid that smells like grape juice and comes in a tiny bottle which was specially designed as a containment vessel.

Camouflage can climb out of normal receptacles by itself. It's an encrusted substance, so the concepts of traditional physics do not apply...........Read More.




Knock knock.
Who's there?
Yuki who?
You keep on saying the same boring things


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Ida who?
I dumped all my problems in your lap.


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Hide out.
Hide out who?
Hi doubt you can stop being annoying!


Knock knock.
Who's there?
Ivory who?
I've returned to the place of my birth!


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And why are all those pigs denying that they're pigs?

Visits: Another naturally occurring magical phenomena.

Concept: Sometimes you are what you think you are and other times you're not.




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