Learn About the Best Hit Shows on Growler Radio!



Each Growler Radio adventure features unique segments that intersperse the main storyline. Learn more about some of these hit shows.

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Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline

One of the first to recognize the value of nontraditional magic therapy, Mother Huhu adds insight, practicality, and entertainment to the everyday use of magic. 

"Magic is like cooking," she often says. "When you do it on a daily basis, there are always tricks and work arounds that can make life just that little bit better, if you're open to changing the way you look at things."

Her shows are often concerned with harnessing natural forces (e.g. showing how bad magic can be put to practical use), and overcoming obstacles. Her show has dramatically demonstrated the value of fresh ingredients, warned of disastrous consequences, altered vegetables, and although at times her show may seem silly, there is always useful knowledge imparted to the audience.

Her programs are topical in nature and her perspective is often provocative. 

Her show, Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline, has one of the highest ratings ever achieved in Growlerville.

Highly recommended.


News on Growler Radio

News can be very interesting indeed! The primetime news anchor is Papa Huhu. Live coverage of what's happening in Growlerville and the News is never boring.

Highly recommended.


Miscellaneous With Uncle Huhu

Miscellaneous is Uncle Huhu's comedy/entertainment special. This award winning show has been getting better and better as Growler Radio grows. The aim is strictly entertainment, broadcast live outdoors from the Huhu Amphitheater in Growlerville. Lots of funny stuff including an awesome collection of knock-knock jokes.

"Hot & funny!" The Growler Times

Highly recommended.


I Don't Blame You

Hosted by Uncle Huhu, this program attempts to gather views not usually gathered. He figures you can learn from the complaints of others, but only if you know what they are.

Guests are encouraged to freely voice their complaints on the air. They are guaranteed anonymity, and appear on the show wearing a disguise.

Uncle Huhu keeps it short & sweet.

Highly recommended.