The Huhu's Who's Who


This ancient, bound manuscript is one of the few relics that is still used by the modern Huhu Authority. It contains the names and occupations of the significant citizens in our society. Everyone who is anyone is in this volume. We've extracted the relevant names in the short list found below:

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Note: Huhu is both the plural and singular form of the noun.

Note: ** Designates citizens mentioned in the The Real Growlerville: A first hand account of events that occurred in Growlerville by investigative journalist, Mr. E.




Mother Huhu
The matriarch and the most politically powerful Huhu. Holds a seat on the Huhu Authority. An expert practitioner and researcher. Very pro-magic. Has a hit radio program called Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline.


Papa Huhu
Growlerville's newscaster and exemplary citizen. Handles the logistics of the Huhu Authority's governing body. Does his best work behind the scenes. Always there but never present. Hear him on Growler Radio's News show.

Brother Huhu
Accident prone adolescent who is a bit of a whimp, but true blue. One of the most radical members of EARS (Encrusted Animal Rights Society) - organizer of pickets and protests. Expert at denial. Can out-whine anyone.

Uncle Huhu
Professional magic handler and MC of the hit radio shows Miscellaneous, and I Don't Blame You. Expert level two practitioner and a very funny guy. Has a solid understanding of the benefits and dangers of encrusted phenomena.

Grandpa Huhu
A retired expert practitioner. Runs the Moon At Midnight Antique & Relic Shop, lifetime member of the Crisis Committee. Has seen Growlerville change from a quaint tribal culture to one based on high technology and global corporations. One of the Elders, but quite young for an old one.

Grandma Huhu
The best dressed and the best party planner ever. Also teaches Time Manipulation 101. Has been involved on the political scene for ages, working primarily for her daughter, Mother Huhu. Way smarter than she seems.

** Doan Givva Hu
The entertaining and knowledgeable curator at the Growlerville Museum. Never seems to be available. Always sends an excuse of having to deal with this or that emergency. One wonders if his name reveals something about his attitude.

Professor QB Snifs
Exceedingly brilliant researcher with a speech impediment. Has been the intellectual voice of the scientific community, credited with establishing the current standards for encrusted research in deductive thought.

Suzy Cucumber or Suzy Q
The hip little DJ everyone listens to on the Huhu Radio Network. Known for staying up all night and flying several kites at once on the beach. Credited with launching the career of Fred & The Growlers.


The loudest and most frisky of the Huhu kids. Is a smart lad with a nose for trouble. Most of the Growlers are angry at him for some reason, so he spends a lot of time running away. But he knows what's going on. One of the stars of Miscellaneous.

Sister Sammy
Shares some annoying speech traits with Sammy. Sometimes works with Uncle Huhu on his show. Is an expert on the Know It All, and holds the record for finding the most Black Remind Me.

The Dutchess Of Hu
A powerful, upper class, expert practitioner. This one knows her stuff. Yes, the spelling is correct. Specializes in magic smells. Long time member of the Crisis Commitee. Keeper of the Keys. A heavy in this town.

Kevin DeHu
The mail carrier and a good soul. The voice of Amazing Huhu Facts. As the mailman, this guy knows more about this neighborhood than anyone. Delivers on his bike.

The Baby Huhu
This includes a lot of little ones who often travel together. Also the individual named Baby Huhu and the two Twins. Spoiled but loved. These little ones get into everything, especially trouble.

The nanny and helping hand, manager of the recycling plant. She has a knack with her growlers, somehow able to whip them into shape by her good nature. No one knows how she does it.

Professor Elma
Overly educated professor at the School of Thought. Sometimes stumbling over her own vocabulary, she can be hard to understand. Expert at scientific reasoning. Quite a uniquely critical mind.


Growler Fred
Has become a celebrity, known as the loudest and most demanding Growler on the planet. Because he is often victimized by it, he is fiercely anti-magic. A strict rule-follower like most growlers, this one is not only afraid of the dark, but also all things encrusted.

Growler Louise
One of the most easily annoyed Growlers, and a sloppy practitioner. A surprise celebrity, she keeps her public appearances to a minimum out of genuine shyness.

Dr. Growler
Project No Night drives this brilliant scientist. He seeks a light as powerful as the sun, which he will use to eliminate night. Incredibly rich as a result of the success of EverCool, his ubiquitous conglomerate.

Professor Growler
A noted member of the scientific community. Drafted the Magic Qualification Exam. One of the few top level practitioners working for regulation of all things encrusted. His exotic accent suggests he's not from here.

Growler Dee
Has business connections to Dr. Growler. Easily confused, quick to blame. Her life never lives up to her expectations of it, and she takes it out on everyone. Stay out of her way!

(Dr.) Doo Doo (doh' doh)
The most corrupt of the Growlers. Watch out for this guy! He's either trying to sell you something or trick you out of what you have. The truth is not in him. A sleazy dude looking out for no one but him.

The Eensies ..............
The tiniest (the size of poppy seeds) members of Growlerville. Biggie and Giganto are 2 Most Royal Highnesses. These two fought against size discrimination in the courts, and won equal rights with full sized citizens for all Eensies.

This is the only honorary listing. Oldold is our recognized ancestor and Master Of Natural Forces. His leadership in the research of encrusted phenonena is the foundation of the encrusted technology success of Growlerville.
Read more about Oldold here:
Oldold, Ancestor & Master of Natural Forces

** Growler Dee A policewoman of Growlerville, she can trace her ancestors back to the time of the Parents of Antiquity. Although she trained to follow in their footsteps, a magic tragedy caused her to change course.


NOTE: Zebe and Rue are not listed because they are not actual citizens of Growlerville.