An Imagination Challenge

Use Your Imagination to Figure Out What Papa Huhu Saw


Papa Huhu had been raising a flock of gobble geese. He was proud of his beautiful birds. They are a special breed of encrusted geese that can swallow whatever they're holding in their bills with ONE swallow. He learned that he had to keep them well fed, because when these guys get hungry, they start swallowing each other!


Several times a day, Papa Huhu would fill up their feeding area with gobble geese food. It was a chore, but he didn't mind at all.


But when he disappeared that fateful day (he fell through a Way Out), no one was there to feed his geese. Fortunately, the Dutchess got him out of that Way Out after only a few moons had past. He hurried back to his geese, worried that they might have starved to death, or were eating one another.


He got home just in time to watch as the whole hungry flock took off and formed a huge circle in the sky. They flew very close to one another, each goose at the tail of the goose in front.

Then the most amazing thing happened. Each hungry gobble goose grabbed the goose in front in its bill. They flew like this for a short while, like a giant goose donut in the sky, each one holding the one in front and being held by the one behind. And then, with perfect timing, each and every gobble goose swallowed at the same instant!

What did Papa Huhu witness?