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Growler programs are designed to grab those little ears with the amazing world of kids audio.  There are cool kids songs for the very young and exciting, smart audio stories for older children - nourishing treats for the ears that keep kids listening, thinking, and coming back for more.  The key to Growler's unique innovation is the right mix of compelling ideas and exceptional production standards.  Growlers are known for sophisticated presentation, intelligent content, and hefty doses of nontraditional thinking - guaranteed to become part of the conversation. 36 Programs | CDs | Tapes | Sets

The Growler Tapes I-IV (The Classic Series) : stories for ages 4-10
       This much acclaimed series is the first to combine children's audiodrama with lavish production. Created with a huge audio palette, these exciting programs demonstrate the storytelling power of sound. The listener is a fly on the wall, experiencing everything first hand, as riveting, sci-fi adventures unfold, creating a fantasy world of mystery, magic, and unique characters. Deductive reasoning, problem solving, and discovery are integral to all Growler programs. Each story stands on its own. Often found in the children's audiobooks section of the library.

Growler Radio 1-27 : stories for ages 6-12
       Representing the state of the art in children's audiodrama, GROWLER RADIO takes storytelling to another level. The characters, concepts, and production techniques have evolved further. Here, information comes at you not only from the drama, but also from many other sources. The news, a magic helpline, a complaint forum, entertainment, historic context, opinions, etc. all contribute to the richness of the unfolding mystery (just like in real life). Super exciting stories, more ear-grabbing characters, plus the introduction of more challenging vocabulary and story concepts are all designed to keep kids listening. Each story stands on its own.

Baby Growlers 1-5 : music for ages 2-6
       Brand new in 2005: Each program is a unique musical rollick in Growlerville - songs, silliness, and fun for the littlest Growlers among us. Childrens songs featuring cool grooves, smart lyrics, funny stories, all performed by the famous Growler Repertory. There's singing, dancing, mystery solving, unusual sounds, animal vocalists - even dinosaurs. The message is pure fun with a solid groove, produced with an eclectic palette of instruments and sounds that create a world a child can relate to from the very first listen. Each program stands on its own.

"Growlers are not for the sing along with Barney crowd. They are for children who have broad vocabularies, creative minds, and are willing to think beyond the box of ordinary storytelling. One of the joys of this series is that it does not talk down to listeners..."
           (School Library Journal)
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"We've got Growlers in our top 40 list. All KidMixRadio selections are chosen by a panel of seasoned critics, including my 2-year-old and my 5-year-old. Baby Growlers is a hit. Unique but crisp vocals are combined with interesting sound effects and some of the best song-writing found in kid's music today. The result is fun music that does not sing down to your kids. Growl on, babies!"
(Kim Robasky, KidMixRadio)