Just a Couple of Oldold's Bloopers

Even Oldold made mistakes.
And some of them were doosies.

(excerpts from the historic record)


(From an ancient press release):

I may have accidentally dispersed a large amount of the powder form of my latest encrusted error correction technology into the environment.

No one is in any great danger, but I wanted to apologize and ask you all to heed this message.

Designed to counter encrusted disasters, Seemingly Normal corrects magic accidents in a unique way.

Instead of addressing the problem, it addresses the perception.

So if, during your magic experimentations, you accidentally make yourself purple, Seemingly Normal can help you.

But it won't change your color.

It works by altering everyone's perception. You will still be purple, but no one will notice.

I'm not sure how this spill will manifest itself, so please be wary, observant and note any aberrations in your surroundings.

The stuff I spilled makes things seem normal, so the question is: Do things seem more normal than usual?

If so, please report it.



The End that Never Came:

(From his lab notes)


I once believed that time had no end. It went on forever. But my recent time manipulation experiments have proven otherwise.

And the news is bad.

The future is severely limited. There is a boundary imposed on time travel forward that is not there for time travel back.

I encountered this phenomenon many seasons ago when I first did the calculations - I could not go forward beyond a certain moment.

This seemed ridiculous.

I assumed I had made an error in the math.

But today, having completed the recalculations for the fifth time, I arrived exactly at the same answers, and the same last moment in time.

And unfortunately, that last moment in time comes tomorrow, when we least expect it.

Since it will only cause widespread panic, I have decided not to release this information.

I wonder what it will be like. Can Growlerville survive the end of time?


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