Oldold's Renouncement of Reality

Was it Oldold who saved his nation by renouncing reality?

(excerpted from "The Oldold Mythology"
by Professor QB Snifs)




Our ancestors honored their elders, recognizing within them the strength of wisdom and will passed on from those who went before. Some of this inherited knowledge concerned the land, sky, seasons, and other invaluable information that enabled survival. But the elders were also involved with much deeper matters.

The grandfathers had passed along to them the secrets of survival intertwined with a ubiquitous spiritual legacy. So within the culture there existed a mystical context for everything. The stone below was the true grandfather of all things, whose realm was far greater than What Is.

This concept naturally lead the shaman/philosophers to recognize spiritual relationships everywhere, and they sought out these unseen connections through vision quests, spirit dancing, power animals, fire dreaming, and many other formal rituals in their attempts to access and share mystical knowledge.



To better understand What Is, the intellectuals among our forebears studied its opposite, the Unreality. The Unreality is the vessel of the inconceivable, where truth and wisdom may be irrelevant, and a notion of intense interest to the shaman/philosophers.

Hidden here were the mystical connections among the past, the present, and What Is. Seeking the Unreality became a noble quest, and involved a host of specialized rituals and recipes, all focused on accessing the hidden realm. But it was a dangerous mystical pursuit.

There are records of "mad healers" whose minds became trapped in the Unreality, unable to share their visions. Many of the early zealots were lost to this realm when they succeeded in gaining complete access, disappearing entirely. But the additive experience of these pioneers in their quest for the Unreality provided the framework for important future benefits as the ever increasing knowledge was passed to each generation.

The historic record shows at least one major successful outcome. During an exceptionally bleak time after the collapse of the Parents of Antiquity, an unnamed shaman rescued his nation from certain starvation using a common, karma based incantation called the Renouncement of Reality.

This incantation was known by all to be an extremely weak, virtually useless invective when used by an individual. However, by employing a huge number of participants to simultaneously renounce, the shaman focused the power of many to vastly magnify the impact of the renouncement, successfully leading his suffering nation from their devastated reality to a much more favorable unreality.


The details contained in recently discovered accounts of this historic renouncement have led researchers to believe that the unnamed shaman mentioned above was Oldold, our ancestor and Master Of Natural Forces.

The ability to organize a huge number of participants, the subversive wording of the actual renouncement, and the defiant attitude expressed in his communication with the Fung Magistrate all suggest a young Oldold.


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