The Real Growlerville 6: The Hall Of Disasters

(A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E)


Do YOU Recall:

In an earlier posts I spoke about Glitch and More Glitch once a valuable and rare mineral found only in the Forbidden Zone.

I have returned from my visit to The Forbidden Zone and am now in town.

Growlerville Museum: The Hall Of Disasters

I'm in the Growlerville Museum, just outside the new exhibit "The Hall Of Disasters," waiting for Doan Givva Hu, the curator. He's late.

The Hall Of Disasters is a huge brightly lit room with a large dark rock on a pedestal in the very center. The plaque explains that this is a sample of an encrusted mineral called the Shadow Sponge that Oldold carried out of the Forbidden Zone long ago.

A recorded voice says:  "Notice that you cast no shadows when you stand near the sample."

There are bright lights directly above, yet I notice that I REALLY DON'T HAVE A SHADOW! I lift my foot off the floor and there is definitely no shadow. It's a very strange sensation, like maybe I'm really invisible so all the light just goes through me.

Growler Louise sees how entertained I am and comes over to tell me that this exhibit may soon have to be moved into the Hall Of Disasters.


When I say I don't understand, she walks off shaking her head. She can be so unhelpful.

The display shows a serious looking Dr. Growler holding an ice cream cone in one hand, and something called "The Shadow Harvester," which looks like a vacuum cleaner in the other. He's standing next to an air conditioner, a refrigerator, and a big stack of sunblock. All the products have the omnipresent EverCool logo clearly visible.

The caption reads: "By applying technology to the encrusted resource contained in the Shadow Sponge, Dr. Growler was able to create useful products that everyone wanted."

His generous contributions to the community include this wing of the Growlerville Museum.


The old lady who takes tickets comes over to me and hands me a note. It's a message from Doan - he's been called into an emergency session of the funding committee. He apologizes and suggests I start the Hall Of Disasters without him, and he'll catch up with me later.

I was really hoping to get all the juicy, well informed details Doan is known to for, but...

When I enter the Hall, I am amazed at how huge this exhibit is. I was expecting to see representations of a few of the unique kinds of disasters Growlerville is known for, but there are HUNDREDS of different magic disasters documented here. The program lists more than 300.

I am especially impressed with the variety of encrusted sources which are categorized by type: Geologic, Biologic, and Other.

  • Geologic refers to naturally occurring substrates, minerals & liquids
  • Biologic means plants, animals, & microbes
  • Other includes sounds, smells, encantations, combinations and the unexplainables.

Science has a different meaning here.

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