The Real Growlerville 21: Subversion By An Insider

(A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E)

Who?.......... Me!

This is the continuation of my previous post: Timefish & The Temporal Vortex. I'm a pretty innocent looking fella. I don't look suspicious and I'm rather nondescript. In other words I don't stand out in the crowd and look quite harmless. ..And sometimes I know when to keep my mouth shut!


I am in the company of Brother Huhu. Without me saying so, he thinks I am from his organization, EARS (Encrusted Animal Rights Society), who are protesting this experiment.

He is a radical who has infiltrated the research group in order to sabotage Prof. Growler's experiment out of respect for the Timefish.

It seems that when the Timefish travel through time, they create an opening, the temporal vortex that Dr. Growler wishes to study.

The vortex remains open as long as the Timefish remain in your timezone, so the trap is a way of keeping the vortex open for study.

Pretty ingenious.

Brother Huhu's plan is to insert a timing limitation on the trap. It will automatically disassemble after a specified time period, enabling the Timefish to escape.




And now I understand why Prof. Growler is going to go fishing. His crickets are exact replicas, a very specialized bait, a species mimicked for one quality - the ability to attract Timefish. I remember learning about the Timefish in the museum. This is a creature that travels through time in search of better survival conditions. And back at his lab, I saw a whole research section devoted to the temporal vortex. It's an incredible experiment. I'm really impressed, not only by the brilliant Prof. Growler, but also by the determination of this young protester. Something about his plan concerns me. When I ask Brother Huhu if anyone can get hurt because of his sabotage, he shrugs his shoulders and says he hopes not. Timefish have rights, you know.

With some quick strokes on the keypad, the fix is in, and Brother Huhu's devious software piggyback is embedded into the sequencing protocols. We drink a congratulatory toast of Dry Water (another amazing substance) for mission success, and I ask more questions. According to Prof. Growler's notes, his intention is to enter the vortex with his equipment. He wants to test his theory that within the vortex, time does not pass. I'm not sure what that means, but I am very interested in learning more. Does that mean he will enter a different timezone? Will he be able to travel with the Timefish? There are no ready answers, but I am realizing that I have stumbled onto one of the greatest stories of my career.


Brother Huhu's getting nervous and I can see the trucks in the distance headed back here, so I choose to head back toward the meadow. I want to get out of sight and find a good view of the experiment. According to the saboteur, the experiment happens the first thing after lunch.

I find a ringside seat and wait.

When the crickets start up, I scan the area, looking for evidence of the Timefish. For a long while, nothing happens. Then I hear rejoicing from Prof. Growler. His sensors have apparently detected his prey. Within a short time, I hear a deep buzzing sound I associate with high tension electricity. Then I get my first glimpse of the incredible flying Timefish.

It appears to be a large school (We have since learned that it's really a single individual that has rejoined itself numerous times from many different timezones until it looks like a school!). It's streaming out of a cave-like opening in the side of a house on the edge of the meadow. This is just like the museum display, hundreds of beautiful Timefish circling the meadow at treetop level. They are definitely attracted by the artificial lure of Prof. Fisherman. Wow. Then, as if on cue, they come down to feed. When the first one touches the fake crickets, the trap flies up around almost the entire school.

A cheer can be heard from the researchers.


I run over to examine the gateway used by these Timefish. The temporal vortex appears as a cavernous opening in three dimensional space. It sits along side a private house, appearing to go into it. It's big, almost as big as the house itself. Faint whistling sounds mixed with the electric buzzing can be heard in the distance.

Looking in, there appears to be a meadow like this one inside the opening. I am trying to get up the courage to enter it, when suddenly Prof. Growler angrily yells, "Hey!"

I instinctively run into the vortex to get away.

The moment I enter, I no longer hear his voice.

Looking back, I see him frozen in the middle of his rant, his mouth distorted grotesquely. Inside, there is the constant sensation of a dream state. The colors are not as vivid, things appear distorted and larger than life, but other than that, it is a familiar place.

From inside, the vortex opening back to real time looks like a cave opening, just like it does from the other side. From each side, you appear to be outside of the same cave.

I quickly dart back to Prof. Growler, but when I exit the vortex, his yelling picks up right where he left off, and he's very loud, so I jump back into the vortex, and I can see him once again frozen in time on the other side.

His theory seems to be true - time does not pass in here.

I am experiencing the stopping of time. And it is very cool.

I'm thinking about whether it's possible to get stuck in this temporal vortex. This thing closes when the Timefish fly back into it as they go toward another timezone. But since I can see the Timefish stuck in the trap, frozen in time like Prof. Growler, I know that won't happen until time starts again, that is, when I leave. So I'm quite safe in here.

I hear some faint laughter behind the house. Who could be in here?


After carefully noting the location of the vortex, so that I am confident I can find my escape route, I walk behind the house. Everything looks huge. When I come upon a pair of sneakers, it's so huge I can barely peek into over the side.

I've got to be careful I don't get stepped on - there may be giants in here.

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