The Growlerville Tourist






Planning a trip to Growlerville?


Look for a double asterisk ** near an image. An audio sample will play when the image is clicked.

Somehow you ended up here on the outskirts of Growlerville. You know something's about to happen, and you think you're ready.  But before you start the playback device, you may wish to take a few moments to read about your destination.



Growlerville is an especially interesting and unusual place.  But like most experiences, it's even better if your sensors are properly tuned.  Preparation is the key, and it never hurts to have a little extra traveling advice.

Tourists must clear Growlerville customs upon departure because of local prohibition legislation.  No encrusted material may leave Growlerville.  It's now local law and it's enforced, so don't attempt to bring back any magic souvenirs.  That doesn't mean you can't buy the stuff at Moon At Midnight.  It's just that you'll have to use it in Growlerville.

A few of the Huhu Elders often act as guides to visitors such as yourself.  They refer to the ancient practice of "learning to see with your ears."  We suggest you contact one of these guides for personal lessons if you have any problems with your vision.

Some of the more experienced guides conduct sensory enhancement exercises before taking you in.  One such exercise (which you can practice at home, before you leave) encourages newcomers to focus their listening on the sounds present in a quiet room. Try it.

Close your eyes and "look" with your ears.  What do you see?  There are probably more than 5 things you can "see" right now. (If you see nothing, your ears may need glasses.)  There are lots of things you never noticed until you focused your "listening vision."  

Discovery in Growlerville is as simple as that!


When You're In Growlerville:


  • 1.The trees are somehow bigger. It has something to do with the perspective of this place.     
  • 2. Normal does not apply. So don't bring any with you.       
  • 3. Strange, weird, and unusual are the routine, so it's NEVER boring.


Growlerville is a destination in which things are seldom as they seem.  If you're sightseeing, pay attention. Even then, you might discover that what's really going on is not what you thought. But that's ok. It's a reason to come back again, part of the fun and the charm of a truly amazing culture that a tourist may observe first hand.


How did things get this way?

The simple answer is natural forces. In most societies, natural forces play a significant role - a safe harbor, fertile soil, favorable weather, etc. In Growlerville, it was the abundance of naturally occurring magic, both encrusted substrates and life forms, that contributed most to the advancement of this unusual society.  The great cultural leaders and heroes were the brave souls who attempted to master, control and exploit these powerful natural forces.



In the hopes that it will discourage others, the Huhu Authority has asked us to post the names of the following tourists who were caught attempting to leave with restricted natural resources:

Robert E. Raymond was caught trying to leave with a Way Out rolled up in his trousers.

Pete Murphy with his dog, Jackie, was found to be carrying several tubes of Nothing stuffed into his pair of cowboy boots.

Ben Pred was discovered to be carrying the microscopic powder Edible Incredible encapsulated in the fillings of his teeth.


Shame on you all!!!