The Real Growlerville Reports By investigative journalist, Mr. E

Welcome to Growlerville!

Get an incomplete  lowdown on Growlerville from the perspective of the intrepid Mr E, an investigative journalist for our local paper.

Read all his first hand accounts of events as they unfolded over the span of several days a few months ago during a particularly memorable time in the history of our little town, Growlerville.


We are proud to present:

The Real Growlerville Series by Mr E


The Real Growlerville 1: The Forbidden Zone
I wait with bated breath for the tour to begin!


The Real Growlerville 2: Silent Falls & The Noise Thief
Speaking armored personnel carrier- I can't say it is really designed for much comfort. On the other hand The Forbidden Zone rocks!!


The Real Growlerville 3: Glitch
For most of the historic past, the Forbidden Zone was actually that: forbidden. 


The Real Growlerville 4: The Ethics Of Encrusted Animal Research
Encrusted entities and animals have rights too. The influential EARS (Encrusted Animal Rights Society) lobby was formed to push for changes in laws governing the ethical use of encrusted animals in research.


The Real Growlerville 5: More Glitch
Glitch was once a valuable and rare mineral found only in the Forbidden Zone.  Glitch, mined in the Forbidden Zone by our ancestors is not the harmless jewel we all thought it was.


The Real Growlerville 6: The Hall Of Disasters
Part of the Growlerville Museum, the Hall Of Disasters is a huge this exhibit documenting HUNDREDS of different magic disasters.


The Real Growlerville 7: Camouflage Disaster
The plaque in Hall of Disasters at the Growlerville Museum says: "One drop of Camouflage was accidentally introduced into Grandpa Huhu's garage. Over time, it consumed the visibility of everything he stored there. Please use the provided viewers to see first hand the effects of Camouflage."


The Real Growlerville 8: Imposimazoo Pavilion
In the Growlerville Museum there is a pavilion, which has an amazing demonstration of this little imposter's capabilities. Contained with nothing to copy, Imposimazoo is an egg. Unleashed,it can take on almost any form at will.


The Real Growlerville 9: Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline Show
At the Growler Broadcasting Center where Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline Show is taped, I watch Mother Huhu's on stage with a piano, a drum kit, a didjeri doo, and a bass. But my eye is drawn to what appears to be a strange pair of gloves, designed for a seven fingered person, on a table next to her.


The Real Growlerville 10: In The Industrial Park
The sign inside says, "Danger! ATBE, Keep Away From Rain." Anything marked "Danger" in Growlerville should probably be marked "Extreme Danger!!!"


The Real Growlerville 11: EARS
Encrusted Animal Rights Society (EARS). EARS has planted moles in Prof. Growler's research team, and is preparing to sabotage his experiment to keep him from harming a protected creature called the Timefish.


The Real Growlerville 12: Problems With The Election
From the overheard conversations with paramedics and the folks at the Growlerville school where the voting booths are located, there is no medical emergency, just an inordinate amount of indecision. What's going on?


The Real Growlerville 13: Imposimazoo ATBE Redux
What's Going On?
Why is the Election Being Postponed?
AND Why Do I Have 2 Rubber Crickets in My Pocket?


The Real Growlerville 14: Prob
These days it seems like lots of folks in Growlerville are victims of Imposimazoo


The Real Growlerville 15: The Dutchess Saves The Day
The Dutchess, a private practitioner, claims to have developed an encrusted recognition protocol called Smell Identify that can help safely find the Imposimazoo.


The Real Growlerville 16: Petty Crimes & The Bottomless Bag
It is a large cloth handbag - a beautiful antique handbag, as a matter of fact. This bag is bigger on the inside than the outside, so it holds a LOT!


The Real Growlerville 17: Professor Growler's Project..... What Is It?
Professor Growler is best known as the creator of the Magic Qualification Examination, recently adapted by the new Licensing Commission in an effort to regulate some really dangerous stuff. He is one of the rare old timers who supports the anti-magic candidacy of Growler Fred even though the professor is an expert practitioner. What is he up to?


The Real Growlerville 18: Noise Thief In The Bottomless Bag
The Bottomless Bag is a wonder to behold. Under the new regulations for encrusted products, the Bottomless Bag is illegal.


The Real Growlerville 19: Way Out
The break in was an inside job using Way Out which fit the bill to a "T"....That's T9.


The Real Growlerville 20: Timefish & The Temporal Vortex
The meadow is being used for some kind of experiment. And it's clear from her quick departure, that Growler Louise has something to do with all this. Meanwhile, complaints from residents are flooding into the Growlerville Police Station of huge numbers of bugs loose in the town meadow.


The Real Growlerville 21: Subversion By An Insider
Brother Huhu is a radical who has infiltrated the research group in order to sabotage Prof. Growler's experiment out of respect for the Timefish.


The Real Growlerville 22: Inside the Temporal Vortexr
More on the temporal vortex, the saboteur, some giant strawberries, and a dangerous substrate From the Forbidden Zone called Toxic Obnoxic.