The Inspiration for the Creation of The Growler Tapes



My children helped me discover a powerful dramatic adversary that every child understands.  When they first entered public schools, my kids complained of being frightened by teachers who frequently got angry and yelled.  Loud, insensitive big people can be very scary, particularly when they make demands and expect their rules to be followed.

Growlers are modeled after this type of real-life authoritarian adversary.  For a kid, they're everywhere.  We help keep them in perspective with humor and by providing insights to their vulnerabilities.

Bob Sakayama, creator/producer


There are no weapons or violence in Growler stories.



n. 1. someone big, loud, scary and afraid of the dark.


  • Growlers are likely to be in a bad mood for no obvious reason.
  • Growlers expect the rules to be followed.
  • Growlers are very likely to complain.
  • Growlers are impatient - they don't like to be kept waiting.
  • When something goes wrong, Growlers look for blame.
  • Growlers are extremely suspicious.



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