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Create Relevant Content

Once your keyword sets are identified, create content that supports them. Focus on each keyword set separately and pay attention to keyword density. Remember that you're writing for both spiders and people, and that both are very important. Create overlapping themes around keyword sets and examine old content for relevant linking possibilities.


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How do I create relevant content?
     You write it. It's words that are important. They drive everything from the search itself, to the evaluation and ranking of your website. In order for your site to be associated with your keywords, the indexers have to see those words used in the content you present on your site. The more relevant content available, the greater that association, and the higher your rank for those words. There are other factors of course, but posting lots of focused content is one of the easiest ways to influence rank. So create lots of relevant, targeted content rich in your keyword sets if you want to show up high on that search engine results page.

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Content, Content, Content.

As the attempt to deliver accurate information about site content pushes the search engines to index more and more information, one thing is becoming very clear. The true measure of content is the actual words on the site, all of it. In the old days, a librarian or editor actually read the texts and knew where the good information was. Now the machines do the reading, and they are not as good as people, yet. But expect spiders that read every word any day, as soon as technology permits. So rather than try to trick the index with link farms, meta lists, invisible text, etc. I think the smart move is to start generating good, readable, focused content, because soon the spider will be not only reading it all, but making quality evaluations about the information delivered.

How to create content:

-1- write it

-2- edit/paraphrase it

-3- have others write
      pay writers
      motivated contributors

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