Search Engine Optimization:
Implementation Process

Implementing optimization is easier than most people realize. Once you have identified your keyword sets, and removed structural impediments you can implement all aspects of optimization as you do the work. And the process is simple: Create content. Get relevant links. Of course there's much more to this, but if you only master these two things, you will see some success.


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Is there a step by step methodology for implementing SEO on my site?
     It's much more organic than that. My method is to teach you to recognize what it means to focus content on keyword sets. Once your site is optimized, you will be able to continue to build rank by adding more content and/or links. You will also be comfortable identifying and implementing new keyword sets into your profile,as well as optimizing them. Basically, I teach you or your staff as we optimize. This is an ongoing process, and the best results are achieved by those who recognize this. The goal is to introduce the basic SEO concepts in a way which enables you to be comfortable overseeing your site's optimization going forward.

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Implementing SEO: Keyword Branding

Every marketing executive can benefit from paying attention to search engine positioning. You do not have to be a consumer facing business to recognize the value of having your brand appear high in a search for the generic product you make or sell. If people find your website because you were on the results page of their search, it means that your product is very strongly associated with the search terms. It's a no brainer that this is fantastic, especially if you can make it happen.

Keyword branding is my name for this phenomenon. It happens when I optimize a website for a particular keyword set. We are attempting to capture the results for these words in a way that ensures an association with them. The beauty of this technique is that unlike traditional advertising, optimization is structural. We build keyword branding into your site permanently. It's still there next month, and long after you stop paying me. Keyword branding is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) enables.

The process of optimization involves simple, straightforward principles that are easy to teach, and a large part of what I do is education. This is a rough overview of the SEO process:

Resolve structural issues

Identify keyword sets

Create content, preferably a resource

Get links

Once your site is optimized, make sure you get listed in the appropriate directories. A real directory sends you a valuable one way link, free. Add to your keyword sets - more good associations means more targeted traffic. As you add content, go through it and the existing content for intrasite links. Keep checking your ranks and the ranks of your competition. All of this leads to the goal of establishing procedures for continous SEO. Whether handled by consultants or employees, optimization should be an ongoing process, always building on the structure, expanding and strengthening your keyword branding.

Bob Sakayama, SEO

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