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Chris Murphy
23 Sturgeon Road / Panchutka, BC / 95990
cell: 555 555-5555
tree removal


When To
Remove A Tree

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+ Chris gets rid of unwanted trees.
  Quickly. Safely.

+ Can usually guarantee no damage
  to your house and property.

+ Environmentally conscious,
  modern removal techniques.

+ All trees are disposed of
  through recycling.

Serving the
Valley Community
since 1982 with
lawn care,
gardening services
and products.

Tree removal is a job for pros.

Removing unwanted trees is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project for most homeowners. In addition to obvious safety factors and property damage considerations, there are other consequences you should be aware of. My neighber, Ed, cut a down a huge dead tree in his front yard, using a chain saw and an ax. This was 10 years before I moved in next door. Last week I showed Ed how to remove the stump. He finally acknowledged that it was an eyesore that needed the expertise of a pro.

Many dangerous trees can be dealt with quite simply. But on occasion, we find conditions that require more personnel and/or machinery to handle safely. If the removal process requires heavy equipment, we will repair any damage to your lawn that results.

Sometimes the removal is outright dangerous. Every year, thousands of power lines go down because of trees. Chris is an expert in the grooming and removal of roadside trees, where most of these dangers occur. We not only carry general insurance, but we "second opinion" every dangerous job with one of our contractors before proceeding, and will purchase additional insurance on behalf of our clients when necessary.

Do not attempt to remove a tree near any standing structure. Trees are closer to that house than you think. Many damage cases arise each year by homeowners incorrectly estimating the critical distance. Don't guess.

Call Chris. 555 555-5555

Always Recycling

Chris took down the old oak tree next to the Courthouse last fall after it was struck by lightning. That tree was over 5 tons! And wood from that tree is aging in Chris' lumber shed and will be made into public benches for use outside the Courthouse next spring!

Chris Murphy
23 Sturgeon Road / Panchutka, BC / 95990
cell: 555 555-5555