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Use these samples to help design your site. Take a look at Bob's site, which is both a sample of an eLinks website, as well as a functioning tool to help you understand what is possible.

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All of the samples represent sites you can have with no set up fee. All of the features shown, all the images, are included in the package price. The available tools make it easy to have a very sophisticated website, but most clients just want easy access to your information. Clean and simple is almost always better.

Sample Websites

ePages $99 2 page website

Sample A: This sample has a simple, logical
format - present primary service on the homepage,
while giving the reason to use that service on the
link for more information.

Sample B: This site is designed to service both
customers and contractors. Very straightforward
call for email contact on both fronts, enabling
expansion of both potential customers and
potential service providers.

Sample C: Note that this sample uses both a
different layout (logo/name is low in the page),
and a different color look (light type on dark
background. This website includes a store on
page 2.

Sample D: An example of a site used as an
interactive resume.

Sample E: This is a one page site used
primarily to generate interest in a personal
service. This one has one link - for incoming email.


eLinks $199  5 page website

Sample A: Bob's Page: The webmaster uses this working
website to teach you how to plan your own. Here are links
to the individual 5 eLinks pages:
   1 (Home)
   2 (Link to More)
   3 (Tables)
   4 (Bells & Whistles)
   5 (Clients)

Sample B:This is a good format for a business
showcasing 2 or 3 products/services with links to product
and/or support information, and a store.


ePortal $299  7 page site

Sample A: Use this website to make an in depth
presentation and/or showcase a larger number of
products and services with linked details, or a store
with several showcases.


Visit A Sample Website
That is Completely Functional

One of our sample websites is actually the functioning website of our webmaster, Bob Sakayama. He shows you basic website building tools so you can be knowledgeable about the construction of your site.

We can begin to design your website after you make some design decisions, and supply us with your content - text and image files. Our resources help you achieve an elegant online presence.

All sites can be set up to conduct e-commerce. If you already can accept credit cards, you can have an instruction or form for emailing orders to your email address. Or send them to a toll free phone number. It is very easy to turn your site into a store.

Maintaining Your Website

Getting your site up is only the beginning. Learn how to get your website registered on the major search engines and directories, so that people can find you when they are searching for your product or service.

You must be able to make adjustments, alterations, or additions to your online messages. Our fees enable you to do this quickly and inexpensively

A website will evolve to become a more effective tool for if you periodically update. Our plans include inexpensive expansion abilities so that you can grow your site as your needs grow. Talk to us about a periodic update contract.

Benefits of Pro/Sites:
A professional web presence
Free 1st year hosting
Free set up
Expericenced help
Free ASCII download pages
   for resumes

No hassles:
domain registration


ePages $99  2 page site
eLinks $199  5 page site
ePortal $299  7 page site

Hosting is free on all new sites for one year
After1 year, hosting is $5/month

Set up is free from digital materials

More Options:
Adding pages with content to an existing site: usu $50/page
Custom graphics
     Our Photoshop expert can do anything
     (negotiated fee or $50/hr)
Audio streams: your voice, music, or message
     $5/month for 5 minutes. More details available.

Service fees:
$25 for a cut and paste update
$25 per image scan/manipulation
$50/hr ($25/half hr) on all other text,
     graphics, html, or SEO issues.

Accept credit card orders through us:
$10/month + $1/transaction

Custom Sites
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Contact Bob Sakayama by email:

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Visit his site

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