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     + Get an elegant website for a $99, one time fee
     + Free hosting for 1 year, $5/month thereafter
     + Free set up from digital materials
     + Have a web presence within 24 hours.
     + Get help writing, editing and formating your web pages
     + Update quickly, inexpensively
     + Link to clients, suppliers, referals, testamonials


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A Personal Marketing Web Solution For Independent Professionals
     If you are a self-employed professional, or run a small company, you may be able to take advantage of incredible savings in the creation, hosting, and management of your website. Pro/Sites is developing a propriatary suite of web building resources, specifically designed for the independent professional. Whether you require a unique domain, or are able to take advantage of our cost effective domain sharing program (more information), Pro/Sites can help you get started and save money. I am Bob Sakayama, your webmaster, and I will personally guide you through the process of setting up or transfering your site. Contact me to get started. Here's my info

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Our $99 ePages sample websites: A  B  C  D  E

+ Free hosting for 1 year, $5/month thereafter
+ Free site set up from electronic materials
+ 2 pages of your content (Homepage + 1)

Your ePages Pro/Site can be up within 24 hours if you can send us your files electronically. Your photos or graphics can be positioned to brand each of your pages, along with your relevant information, organized into a professional presentation you can be proud of. We offer additional services to help you with any aspect of document preparation.

The $199 eLinks sample

+ Free hosting for one year, $5/month thereafter
+ Free site set up from electronic materials
+ 5 Pages of your content (Homepage + 4)

Using this Pro/Site, you can create a simple interactive presentation. For example, if you offer multiple services or products, each can have its own page, linked together through a home index page. Or create an interactive resume with pages dedicated to projects, references, honors, awards. Photos or graphic images can solidly brand your identity across all 5 pages of your content.

The $299 ePortal sample

+ Free hosting for one year, $5/month thereafter
+ Free site set up from electronic materials
+ 7 Pages of your content (Homepage + 6)

With ePortal, you have the flexibility to tell your story across a more complex landscape. You can showcase more products or services, or go more deeply into fewer by adding details through links. Photos or graphic images can be applied across all 7 pages of your content. If you currently have a website with less than 7 pages, you might consider an ePortal Pro/Site as a money saving hosting alternative.

Benefits of Pro/Sites:
A professional web presence
Free 1st year hosting
Free set up
Expericenced help
Free ASCII download pages
   for resumes

No hassles:
domain registration


ePages $99  2 page site
eLinks $199  5 page site
ePortal $299  7 page site

Hosting is free on all new sites for one year
After1 year, hosting is $5/month

Set up is free from digital materials

More Options:
Adding pages with content to an existing site: usu $50/page
Custom graphics
     Our Photoshop expert can do anything
     (negotiated fee or $50/hr)
Audio streams: your voice, music, or message
     $5/month for 5 minutes. More details available.

Service fees:
$25 for a cut and paste update
$25 per image scan/manipulation
$50/hr ($25/half hr) on all other text,
     graphics, html, or SEO issues.

Accept credit card orders through us:
$10/month + $1/transaction

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