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Mia Morse Music
25237 Sunset Boulevard
Pacific Palisades, TA 90276

555 555-5555

Music for, by, about, and because of kids.

Mia Morse Music 
Mia Morse Music 
Mia Morse Music 

Mial's cd, Angels & Animals, recently won the iMothering Media Award for best children's audio.

* The compelling song Silent Sleep spent weeks on the Radio Aahs National Children's Top 20.

* The DRR special Children's World featured Mia's songs and she hosted most of the segments.

* The Childrens Music Portal select artist, Mia is currently recording her 12th cd, Stronger Than Dirt. 

Mia has been writing and performing for children since she was 4. You've heard her voice performing the characters on many Saturday morning children's shows and in the theme song for the tween's program Children Mine. Her songs have been featured on many children's radio programs, including Teeny Tinies, Crazy Like Daisy, Upside Down Or Inside Out, More Kids Or Else, and syndicated shows across the country.

Ms. Morse has won the Children's Portal Entertainers Award. and for the past 2 years has been on the board of SCMC, the Society Of Childrens Music Composers, a prestigious trade organization serving the creative community of kids performers.

She has been the host of her own show, Mia Mania, where she introduced new children's artists including Becky Sue Britton, Fanni, Rub A Dub Doo, and many others. Her show has been called "the most intelligent kids show on the air," and "fun stuff for kids of all ages," by the television critics. She recently signed a contract to create a pilot for a new national radio program yet to be named.

Mia Morse's compelling voice and songs are inspiring a new generation of environmentally conscious children to speak out and stand up for our earth.

Some of
Mia's Songs...

Beat Of A Spoon

Introduction 1
Beat Of A Spoon
Set The Record Straight
I Am Not A Pig
Big Feet
I Am Mother Huhu
I Want To Do It Too
When The Dinosaurs
         Come To Town
Mysteries "The Box"
Eeny Meeny
Listen Up
Baby Water Dog
When Fred Walks In
Baby Growlers
Lullaby Of Dogland

Too Hip To Hop

Introduction 4
One Step At A Time
Too Hip To Hop
We Got Mud
Rock & Roll Baby
Mysteries "In The Crate"
Dinosaur Lullaby
Impolite Huhu Waltz
Curious Cow
Funky Growlerville
Lightbulbs & Batteries
I Don't Wanna
Hello Moo
The Frog President
No Matter How Small You Are

Mia Morse sings songs that help kids understand their responsibility to keep our earth healthy for future generations.

Mia Morse
Mia Morse Music
25237 Sunset Boulevard
Pacific Palisades, TA 90276

555 555-5555