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    Bells & Whistles. These are techniques in addition to traditional content that you can use to grab eyeballs on a website.

Bob's site is an example of a working eLinks website.

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Some Great Ways To Attract Attention To A Page:

    Custom Art. Always use good images if you can get them.

    Marquee. This is that crawling text. You can put it almost anywhere.
                       Scroll down for a sample.

    Audio. Sometimes audio can be very effective.

    Video/Animation. This takes the most bandwith, and is costly to produce.

Let's take a closer look at these options. Regarding art, we can upload any image you can create, especially if you have art as a digital file, Send us a digital photo. Or we can scan your paper art/photo. Here's an example of custom art in the form of a banner:

It was created by Goofy Gil for Dan Wardell's Crazy Dave's Kid Show, a children's radio program, for display on one of our other sites ( It's a good example of an eye catching graphic that adds professionalism to a site. Remember that all images can also be used to trigger a link.

Other Bells And Whistles

Any artwork, photograph, or computer graphic can be readily turned into an image for your website. If you can do the work, we will help you convert and post your creations.

If you can create multimedia that you want to post, be it animation, audio, video, whatever, we will post it for you and provide the technical support. Or we can help you create this content.

Regarding bells and whistles in general: There is both an upside and a downside to using eyecatching devices. Because they draw attention to themselves, they reduce the impact of items around them. But if you give them space, away from the important content on the page, they can garner eyeballs to an appropriate message.

The only limitation is the memory allocated to your site. For the $5/month hosting fees, you can put anything on your site that doesn't take up more than your 2 meg allotment. If you need more bandwidth, we can accomodate you.


This is a table with links created to accompany an image of a cd cover. Two of the links play an audiofile when clicked (try it). Because this site is selling cds, the audio capability is essential. You can use this technique to play a voice message, music, or sound effect.

This feature is something I created for Lou Del Bianco's cd, and if you have Real Player installed, you can hear his story sample. The player link is below.

Have You Heard
This Great
Lou Del Bianco
When I Was A Kid
LDB/WI $12.00
Free player link below
Buy It
Click cd for more


This crawling text is called a marquee, and you can put one anywhere on the page. It can be a very effective attention grabber with the appropriate message. But it also has the ability to distract from the surrounding messages. Use it thoughtfully.

The marquee is limited to the text size and font displayed. It's length is variable.

This just in... Extraterrestrials land near Lake Eerie, but disappear into population... More later...

Clip Animation

Adornments like these are fun and it's tempting to put them on your page since they're free, but if you're creating a professional website, they can be distracting. If you find one online that you want on your site, send us the file.

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