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Most businesses require a unique domain. But many independent professionals do not realize there are other options for an online presence. Our domain sharing program enables anyone to have an elegant, fully functional, professional website while avoiding most of the hassles and expense.

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The Financial Benefits Of Domain Sharing

One of the innovations behind Pro/Sites is making available to individuals, the benefits of domain sharing, combined with elegant presentation resources and readily accessible service.

Before Pro/Sites, you had to invest in at least four items to get online:
(read Janet Attard's article from

      -1- Domain. This is the name you have to register ( Yearly fee ($15-$35).
      -2- Host. Their servers hold your files and keep them on the internet. Monthly fee ($19-$99).
      -3- Designer. Creates your site. ($250-$500)
                  This is never a one time expense, because you always need changes ($40-$75/hr).
      -4- Webmaster. Does the updates, tech support. ($50-$100/hr).

The reason the web is expensive is that all of these costs are recurring. If your business requires you to have a unique domain, then you will have to bear the costs of putting and keeping your site online. Every year you pay to hold the domain name, every month you pay for hosting, every time you need changes you pay the designer and the webmaster to upload the changes.

But if you are a self employed professional seeking an affordable website, or a job hunter wanting to post an interactive resume, and you don't need a unique domain - you can have a full featured website for much less than you think. Our ePages website costs only $99 complete for the 1st year, and then $5/month (only $60/yr). This savings comes with zero compromise in site quality. And as your business grows, you can grow your site without spending a fortune on updates and redesigns. Check out the samples and see Bob's page for a useful working demo of an eLinks website.

With a Pro/Sites website, your message can have the same reach and availability as any other site on the web. You have the cost advantage of a shared domain, and all the functionality of a well managed website. See samples

However, if you need to have a unique domain, you can still take advantage of our cost effective website building capabilities. We can help your find your domain, host, and handle all aspects on design and implementation of your site. We will be your webmaster, handling all tech support and management responsibilities to help you build and maintain an elegant website. Our expertise also includes SEO (search engine optimization), which is how you get your site to show up on the results page in a key word search. Aside from creating a great site, this can be the most important aspect for an internet based business, because people have to be able to find you in order for them to become customers/clients.

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A Better Way For Independent Professionals
To Be Represented On The Internet

As a professional with something to sell, the internet can open doorways that you never knew existed. This is a fact that I have experienced many, many times. Customers find you, completely unexpectedly. I once made a sale here in NYC because someone in China visited my site, and arranged with a relative to pick up the order. They paid in cash.

On the other side, as a buyer - I have found suppliers that I could never have found without the internet. I have found hard to get tools, unusual equipment, and achieved great savings for my company because of online discoveries.

So for both the merchant and the consumer, the internet offers new opportunities to those willing to participate. For an independent professional seeking clients, employers, or customers, a web presence should definitely play a role in the overall strategy. In many professions, an online presence is now a minimum standard, it is taken for granted.

But up until now, a website was an expensive venture. Fees on a domain name registration, monthly hosting, tech support, webmaster, etc. limited the accessibility of the web to those who could afford a $500 minimum layout.

Pro/Sites is designed to provide website solutions that meet the needs of independent, self-employed professionals. You can have a 2 page website for $99, with free set up and free hosting for one year. And after that, hosting is only $5/month, no matter how big your site. You can add pages (w/ content) later for $50 if your needs grow. And we don't hit you with massive update fees, you can usually update a page for $25. We make you look great, and handle all the hassles for you.

I'm accessible when you're ready to start.

Bob Sakayama
ePages site URL: <>

A Word About Free Sites
There are many free resume posting sites, and others offer free web pages in exchange for your email address, but all of these involve compromises that you would not otherwise choose. For example, do you want a posting that has ads running next to your professional information? Your image suffers from this kind of association. Stay away from free offers. Some of these sites trigger numerous pop up ads when someone hits your page, turning people off to your message. And of course, you have zero control over the presentation.

How To Use Your
Pro/Sites Web Pages

+ Incorporate your homepage URL into your stationary, business card, signs, postings. Create an email letterhead and include your homepage URL.

+ Always include all your contact information: physical address, phone numbers, and post your email address as a link. This makes it easier to write you, with just a click.

+ Trade links with the websites of your clients and suppliers. You're one click away if they have your link on their site.

+ If you're posting a resume on your site, include a link to an ASCII version so potential employers can download and print it out easily. We provide this free - just ask for it.

+ Submit the URL of your homepage to internet directories involved in relevant business activities. This is how you become an accessible resource, making it possible to find you among peers.

+ Ask people in your industry for feedback on your site, and act accordingly. Ask clients to bookmark you as a resource.

+ Always include your URL in any article or pr piece you write. Make sure it's included in all advertising you pay for.

+ Keep your site current. Nothing is a bigger turn off than old information, dates, etc.

Benefits of Pro/Sites:
A professional web presence
Free 1st year hosting
Free set up
Expericenced help
Free ASCII download pages
   for resumes

No hassles:
domain registration


ePages $99  2 page site
eLinks $199  5 page site
ePortal $299  7 page site

Hosting is free on all new sites for one year
After1 year, hosting is $5/month

Set up is free from digital materials

More Options:
Adding pages with content to an existing site: usu $50/page
Custom graphics
     Our Photoshop expert can do anything
     (negotiated fee or $50/hr)
Audio streams: your voice, music, or message
     $5/month for 5 minutes. More details available.

Service fees:
$25 for a cut and paste update
$25 per image scan/manipulation
$50/hr ($25/half hr) on all other text,
     graphics, html, or SEO issues.

Accept credit card orders through us:
$10/month + $1/transaction

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