Baby Growlers 1: Beat of the Spoon

Baby Growlers 1: Beat of the Spoon is a rollicking ride that is guaranteed to become part of your conversations with your children / child.


"My granddaughter went absolutely nuts over Baby Growlers! We were on a road trip and every time we were in the car it was the only thing she wanted. I was really impressed!"The absolute best car tapes!"
(Shelly Cohen, Staten Island, NY)



Some of Our Favorites from Baby Growlers 1

Beat Of A Spoon -
Grandpa Huhu's voice can hardly hold a tune, but he can rap, to the beat of a spoon.

I Am Not A Pig -
Sung by Papa Huhu with some help from ducks, a cow, and, of course, our famous pigs.

Mysteries -
The Dutchess of Hu and the Mystery Of What's Inside The Box.

When The Dinosaurs Come To Town -
They're big, they shake the ground, but don't worry, they all become extinct.

Big Feet -
Growler Fred sings about large feet - Big feet, big boots, a big tree has big roots...

Baby Growlers -
Huhu and Growler vocalists join forces. From the bottom of your head to the  top of your feet...

Lullaby Of Dogland -
A canine performance of the Brahms classic.



Baby Growlers 1: Beat of the Spoon      Time  35:05


composer/producer: Bob Sakayama
(except #16)
copyright 2004 Earthling Music (ASCAP)



-1- Introduction 1


  Growler Fred, Papa Huhu, babies & group

-2- Beat Of A Spoon


  Grandpa Huhu & group

-3- Set The Record Straight


  Papa Huhu, group

-4- I Am Not A Pig


  Papa Huhu, The Pigs, The Ducks, Moo, group

-5- Big Feet


  Growler Fred, cameo by Brother Huhu

-6- I Am Mother Huhu


  Mother Huhu, Growler Fred, Baby Huhu & group

-7- I Want To Do It Too


  Brother Huhu, group

-8- When The Dinosaurs Come To Town


  Papa Huhu, Dinosaurs (Growler Fred), Baby Huhu

-9- No


  Papa Huhu, Growler Fred, Brother Huhu, group

-10- Mysteries "The Box"


  The Dutchess of Hu, group, Brother Huhu

-11- Eeny Meeny


  Papa Huhu, group

-12- Listen Up


  Mother Huhu, Big George and Moscow,
Growler Fred

-13- Baby Water Dog


   Babies, water, Big George and Moscow

-14- When Fred Walks In


  Uncle Huhu, Baby Huhu & group

-15- Baby Growlers


   Growler Fred, Papa Huhu, group

-16- Lullaby Of Dogland*


   Big George and Moscow


*Johannes Brahms