Baby Growlers 3: No Laughing Allowed

Baby Growlers 3: No Laughing Allowed is a carefree, boisterous treat that will become part of your conversations with your children / child.


"Although my mother bought them for our baby our older kids really love Baby Growlers."
(Donna Jackson-Siekman, Munich, Germany)


Some of Our Favorites from Baby Growlers 3

Cookin In The Kitchen -
Mother Huhu's in the kitchen, mixing it up
A gourmet magician, with a measuring cup... .

Ice Cream -
SI dropped my ice cream, it landed on the floor
Now it's dirty, dirty, can't eat it anymore...

Hay Hay Hay -
This is Of Course, my favorite horse
Who naturally knows how to ney...

Marching Dinosaurs -
If you hear stomping on the floor
It's probably not a dinosaur
If you hear stomping on the ground
You better stop and look around...

Such A Mess -
It's a natural thing, that we possess
We're better than most, at making a mess...

No Laughing Allowed -
A A smile is ok, but a laugh, no way!
So keep it to yourself, or take it somewhere else...

Let's Run -
A If we run run run as fast as we can
We just might catch the Gingerbread Man...

Moon High -
A But the moon high over the mountain
Makes even giants seem so small
They'll be back again tomorrow morning
Baby Growlers one and all...


"David Seville meets the Talking Heads.
(Jeff Brown Co-Program Director
KTOO-FM, Juneau, AK)



Baby Growlers 3: No Laughing Allowed      Time 40:28


composer/producer: Bob Sakayama
copyright 2004 Earthling Music (ASCAP)



-1- Introduction 3


  Growler Fred, Papa Huhu, babies & group

-2- Cookin' In The Kitchen


  Papa Huhu, Mother Huhu, group

-3- Ice Cream


  Papa Huhu, Growler Fred, group

-4- I Would Rather Rap


  Uncle Huhu, group

-5- Hay Hay Hay


  Papa Huhu, Of Course, group

-6- Marching Dinosaurs


  Dinosaurs (Growler Fred), group

-7- Mysteries “In The Bowl”


  The Dutchess Of Hu, group

-8- Such A Mess


  Papa Huhu, group

-9- No Laughing Allowed


  Growler Fred, Baby Huhu, group

-10- Horse In The Kitchen


  Papa Huhu, Of Course, group

-11- Let’s Run!


  Papa Huhu, group

-12- Rock The Baby


  Mother Huhu, Babies, group

-13- Maybe


  Papa Huhu, Growler Fred, group

-14- Red Light Green Light


  Uncle Huhu, Sammy, group

-15- Moon High


  Papa Huhu, group