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Greetings, Growlers! I am a homeschooling mother who sings the praises of your tapes every chance I get. In fact, my testimonial sits on your website under "comments from parents". At the time I submitted that I had two kids. Now I have four. They are 10, 8, 4 (almost 5) and 20 mos.
Here's how I work your product into my curriculum. My preschooler/kindergartener sits in the room with us as we study history, geography, do memorization work and work out tough math problems. He can be quite a distraction. However, when he puts on the headphones and I pop in a Growler CD, the wild beast in him is tamed instantly and we all get the peace and quiet we need to focus on our work. Headphones are key. Keep 'em coming!
Gratefully, Rosemary Laberee

Many parents, teachers and educators are Growler fans because these substantive stories motivate kids to listen like nothing else.

"My son's OT recommended a listening program to promote more attentive listening skills as well as helping him manage sounds that were uncomfortable for him to process. He hated the program and it was creating stress in our relationship. I stumbled on the Growler ad in the Utne Reader and based on the non-narrative, full sound quality of the tapes decided to see if these listening products would be helpful and desireable for my child. My precocious 6 year-old loves the Growler tapes and has no idea he is being helped with a 'transparent' tool. My son's ability to manage unpleasant sounds has greatly increased as has his ability to hear communication from people in his life with little or no repetition. Additionally, he loves the Classic Growlers and the Radio Tapes. Many games have been developed on his own to play by himself or with friends based on Growler characters and events. My son is a rapt listener and has developed a new appreciation of recorded books and music because of the many listening opportunites available in the Growler tapes. Growlers are great fun - after a month of listening to Growlers my son said 'I'm glad we don't have a TV in the house - if we did I never would have met Grandpa Huhu and Zebe and Rue - huhuhu!' When listening to a new Growler with his Nana he turned to her and said 'Oh, that's Grandpa Huhu - I know him.'"
Amy Unger-Weiss


"Awesome! This is unquestionably the best stuff my kids have EVER heard!"
(Phil Zuckerman, Applewood Books)

"This feast for the mind and ears is a must purchase for public libraries, and an excellent source of entertainment for school libraries."
(Linda R. Skeel, School Library Journal)

"Bravo! Our kids love these tapes. The images created in their minds (ages 5 + 2 1/2) are so fantastic & real that they ask if they can "watch" a Growler tape. This is the type of children's product that makes the world a better place. Well done!"
(Rosemary Laberee, Home Educator)

"Takes storytelling to the status of fine art. Each exciting story features "ear grabbing" characters, introduces vocabulary to the young listener,and features original story concepts designed to make kids listen and learn."
(Jim Cox, Midwest Bookreview's Children's Bookwatch)

"While Growler tapes were created as entertainment for kids ages 4-12, their rich vocabulary and unique qualities have led them to be used in the classroom by mainstream educators, and homeschoolers. This intelligent, gripping series is highly recommended."
(Beth Snider, MetroParent)

"Pop one of these tapes into the car tape player and the trip becomes more interesting than the destination."
(Linda Dobson, Homeschooling Book Of Answers)

"From the first eerie voice the listener is hooked..."
(Joanne Oppenheim, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio)

"My kids are your biggest fans. They love Growler Tapes!"
(Lisa Karlin, Entertainment Weekly)

"Very innovative stuff!"
(Joe DePersia, WNYE, NY)

"3 hyper kids in the car became totally quiet. Growlers are getting a lot of play in our house."
(Bob Leverone, WBBR, NY)

"There's one thing my two kids agree on every time - listening to Growler tapes! The stories ignite their imagination, and I find we're talking about the characters days after our last listen."
(Rob Battles, Crossroads Television)

"The absolute best car tapes!"
(Helen Polise, Producer)

"I run a small pre-K day care day care service. I have 5 four year olds who just love your tapes. We want to order them all and please let us know when new tapes come out."
(Shirlie Gray, Day Care Provider)

"Growler stories have been very successful for us. Very entertaining. We have some loyal families listening regularly."
(Lenore Nicolay, Children's Librarian)

"The tapes are a wonderful substitute for TV - try using them to ward off a 4 pmpre-dinner grumpy feast. Or keep them in the car where you can really use them.
The tapes I reviewed are rich with innuendo and could easily become favorites to be listened to again and again. Friendly on adult ears, too."
(Ann Lahrson-Fisher, Homeschooling In Oregon: The 1998 Handbook)

"The well produced Growler tapes are a fine way to fill a rainy Saturday afternoon or help your gradeschooler to wind down before bed."
(Melissa Chianta, Mothering)

"Wonderfully unique..."
(Maureen O'Neal, Harper Audio)

"While reminiscent of the golden days of radio drama, they are also uniquely up to date with a freshness of imagination that young children and their families will enjoy."
(Jacqueline Loucks, KPBS, Portland)

"Some of the best childrens audio!"
(Irwin Gonshack, Radio Producer)

"We still adore The Growler Tapes - especially 4 year old Nakita."
(Janice Buckner, Learn Along Radio Show WRHU)

"My kids can't wait for the next tape to come out!"
(Mary Jane Kistler, Home Educator)

"My daughter just loves them. What a great deal!"
(Roberta Gwin, Home Educator)

"The Growler Tapes are technically flawless recordings of imaginative stories that will entertain and delight, again and again and again!"
(Jim Cox, "Children's Bookwatch" Midwest Book Review)

"Wonderfully spooky..." (Barbara Ensor, NY Magazine)

"My son loves The Growler Tapes, congratulations!"
(John Reeves, producer)

"These tapes really make Richard listen. He loves your series."
(Leon Schweir, producer)

"Really great! I love that guy, Papa Huhu!"
(David McGowan, WETA, DC)



"These tapes are incredible! They're definitely working on my son Jeffrey."
(Marina Bouley)

"I found them ALL extremely interesting!"
(Miwa Ikemiya)

"My children absolutely love them. Thanks for this great experience."
(Laura Kennedy)

"The Growler Radio tapes are a great hit with my grandson Sean (almost 5 years)!!!
He has taken them to his pre-kindergarten class so all his classmates can hear & enjoy them!"
(Irwin Gonshak, Teachers & Writers Collaborative)

"Thanks for the tapes - incredible in their originality!"
(Barb Lundgren, imagine advertising)

"They're fabulous!"
(Kathleen Mason)

We'd love to hear about updates! Also, please don't ever reveal what Hu-Hus and Growlers look like! We've had a great time using our imaginations to draw pictures and describe what they look like, and we don't want to ruin that! Thanks!
(Drew and Colin in Wisconsin)

"We LOVE your tapes. My husband and I drive a carpool of five special needs children twice a week, and the trip can be very stressful at times. At least it used to be, before we discovered the Growler tapes!
The kids have listened to the same stories over and over, and they still provide for a peaceful trip.
I'm pleased to see the crossword puzzle and other activities your web-site has.
Thank you for your wonderful product!" (Marypat Coughlin)

"The Growlers have become a part of our daughter's life. It's really amazing!"
(Amy Breed, Boomerang)

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