Crossword: Glitch

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Word List: When semiprecious stones in jewelry emit light, why does Brother Huhu worry about Glitch? Can chaos be reversed so that time, reality, and order are restored?

Not as valuable as diamonds, but still valuable 2 state of being genuine, not artificial
5 disorder, confusion 3 rocks
6 bracelets, earrings, necklaces... 4 concern, rhymes with hurry
9 brought back or put back into a former or original state 7 opposite of dark
11 malfunction, fault, problem 8 turned completely around
12 opposite of chaos 10 small inhabitants of Growlerville
13 a question word, rhymes with cry 14 your watch tells you the ____
15 #14 spelled backwards
or to throw or give off
16 he's not your sister, he's your ____


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