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The characters, concepts, and production techniques have evolved further from the Classic Series. GROWLER RADIO takes storytelling to another level.   The story's information is revealed not only from the drama, but also from many other short form sources:  The News, Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline, a complaint forum, Growlerville historic context, characters' opinions, etc. All this information contributes to the richness of the unfolding mystery.  With more exciting stories, more imagination-grabbing characters, plus the introduction of a more sophisticated vocabulary and story line concepts Growler Radio encourages children to listen and learn. 


The GROWLER RADIO stories enlightening short programs:


Mother Huhu's Magic Helpline - Offers help with your everyday magic.

I Don't Blame You - Because you learn from complaints.

Amazing Huhu Facts - Otherwise you wouldn't believe it.

Miscellaneous is Uncle Huhu's comedy/entertainment special.

News can be very interesting indeed.

Growler Radio Catalog: Stories 10 -19


10 - Mad Rainbow

If you happen to find a small, double-sided mirror, ask it to show you something.  If it's the magic one, you'll be granted one magic view before it disappears.  But Growler Dee is accusing others of stealing her mirror.  Why is she so red, and what on earth is Seemingly Normal?

The wonders of nature: Encounter a new kind of airborne seed delivery system that flies the seed packet in a tiny glider.  The kids find out what happens when these gliders hit you, and they don't like it.  And when they finally get help, it's too late for the usual fix

Mad Rainbow Crossword Puzzle





11- Time In 2 Bottles

Sooner or later everyone wants Sooner Or Later.  That's because it lets you visit the past and the future.  It's a hit new magic product that's selling out before it arrives.  But wait...  Something's wrong...  Professor Growler thinks you're guilty of something.   And then there are those incredible magic rags.

They know something's wrong when their butterfly turns into a caterpillar.  An errand to the basement leads to an incredible adventure in which the kids observe themselves in another time zone, visit the School Of Magic, and find themselves in a major predicament.

Time In 2 Bottles Crossword Puzzle





12 - Wave Of The Future

In the future, the Know It All will make life easier by providing both communication links and information on demand.  All you have to do is ask for help.  That is, unless the information you need pertains to magic.  In that case, you'll have to look somewhere else, because magic references may not be stored on line.

The beach is usually so much fun - the sand, the surf, the sun.  But powerful natural forces have been set in motion and have to be dealt with.  The kids know they're in trouble when they can't find their parents.  And what does it mean when they see themselves as teenagers?

Wave Of The Future Crossword Puzzle





13 - Voice Throw

Something's not right at the Huhu Amphitheater.  Sammy didn't get to make his delivery because Security was sure he had something that was not allowed backstage.  Was Sammy really concealing the equipment that the star of the show asked for, stuff needed for the program?  Yep.  Cool stuff too.

The unusual sounds coming from the woods that night would have made anyone investigate.  And who would think there could be so much excitement happening backstage, before the show even starts?!  The kids search for Uncle Huhu while trying to avoid a confrontation.

Voice Throw Crossword Puzzle





14 - Nothing For Christmas

It's snowing on Christmas Eve, there are lots of presents under the tree, Grandma & Grandpa are coming, and life couldn't be better.  But wait.  The early warning system detected a potentially dangerous release of magic into the environment.  It was an accident, but will Growlerville ever be the same again?

Fun in the backyard snowballs into adventure and mystery as the kids stumble into a developing crises.  A giant Santa and some crushed presents are clues to the unexplainable force that seems to have taken control.  And then there's this stuff called Nothing that everyone wants for Christmas.

Nothing For Christmas Crossword Puzzle





15 - Recipe For Disaster

When you create a machine as smart and useful as Sweetie Pie, you're bound to be proud and protective, like Professor Growler.  But no matter how smart you make it, if large objects appear out of nowhere, even machines could be vulnerable.  And then there's this incredibly contagious magic virus..

What is going on in the woods?  A strange machine is hovering about, making weird noises and searching for something.  Suddenly, an accident reveals that all of Growlerville is in great danger.  And the only remedy has been removed from all copies of Magical Reference.

Recipe For Disaster Crossword Puzzle





16 - Seeds Of Doubt

Those beautiful crystals are much more than rocks.  They're magically encrusted substrates, and they have awesome powers.  Although huge, they have almost no weight, so they're lots of fun.  But be warned: Growler Fred does not like intruders, so be careful not to get caught inside the Hazardous Disposal Area.

It's a parasite that smells unpleasant and makes discomforting noises in the wind.  It was once considered a useless weed, to be pulled and discarded.  But it also neutralizes a much more menacing problem.  The kids discover the consequences of a fire in the Forest Of Doubt.

Seeds Of Doubt Crossword Puzzle





17 - Edible Incredible

An industrial accident during the manufacture of a magic food creation product threatens the town's survival.  The Huhu Authority is asking citizens not to eat public property.   And to make things worse, the tiny volunteers who were on their way to save Growlerville now seem to have been kidnapped.

The map has an "X" drawn at the tip of Nose Rock.  The kids recognize the location and end up embroiled in a dangerous situation in a place where everything's edible, and delicious!  The problem is they fit the description of the kidnappers, and they've been caught breaking the rules.

Edible Incredible Crossword Puzzle





18 - The Ring Of Truth

They think they've discovered one of Oldold's secret magic sources, a sealed mine holding an encrusted clay called Scratch. With it, you can easily make duplicates of anything. It's so much fun you could forget there's a flaw. Warning: Oldold once referred to it as "a menace disguised as a blessing."

What clogged the vacuum cleaner was an amazing device called The Ring Of Truth. It makes sounds that predict the future, and it leads the kids right smack into a fiasco of major proportions. The Huhu Authority allowed the opening of the ancient mine only to discover it was intended to be kept sealed.

The Ring Of Truth Crossword Puzzle





Growler Radio's sophisticated vocabulary is not lost on its listeners.
It's learned by them.