The Growlerville Tourist Featuring: Oldold


        Oldold, our ancestor and Master Of Natural Forces, was one such leader. He is perhaps best known as an idealist born before his time.  Although a brilliant manipulator of encrusted forces, he was seen as a threat to the ancient authorities because of the vast powers he seemed to control.  He was called before the Ancient Huhu Council and ordered to explain how he was able to create encrusted objects.  When he failed to appear, a futile attempt was made to arrest him.  Once a rebel and an outlaw sought by both the Ancient Huhu Council and the Huhu Magistrate, Oldold is now recognized as a primary force in the development of encrusted technology, on which this society is based.   He reached hero status by saving Growlerville numerous times from disasters caused by rampaging natural forces.  His definitive "Magic Reference Volume 2" is the undisputed authority on the subject, and required reading at both the School Of Thought and the Magic Institute.

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        Tourists will find many references to Oldold in their travels around Growlerville.   That's his statue in the town square. You'll note that the nose seems more polished than the rest of the statue. It has become a tradition for visitors to give it a pinch.  

The custom stems from the fact that Oldold was one of the few to embrace non-traditional therapies (e.g. homeopathic magic, acupinchure, holistic encantata) before they became popular. It is said that Oldold embraced acupinchure when he discovered the effectiveness of acupinches on the nose in the prevention of sneezing and other magic ailments.  Of course, acupinchure therapy involves the entire body, but the pinch on the nose remains as a symbolic recognition of the heritage.


      You will definitely want to spend some time at the mall.  The famous magic retailer Moon At Midnight has a huge store loaded with incredible stuff.  You can buy tubes of Nothing, Swine Laurel Berries, Black Remind Me, Fun Flying 1.09, Laffaroni, and lots of other popular stuff.  It's still a little costly, but check out the demonstration of the hottest new appliance in Growlerville - the Food Fax.  This device sends a copy of a hot meal to a distant location via encrusted cellular technology.


        The great outdoor Huhu Amphitheatre is currently running Miscellaneous, Uncle Huhu's entertainment special.  It's a hot ticket and always draws a huge crowd of locals. Magic handling, tricks, jokes, and special guests get the Uncle Huhu treatment in grand style.  Buy your tickets early!


        The center of town includes the Growlerville waterslide.  This landmark is a symbol of progress for encrusted technology.  The Huhu believe that this huge structure, made entirely from precision cut stone bricks, was assembled in less than a Huhu moment.   That's less time than it takes to blink your eyes!   The explanation has something to do with stopping time to do the construction.  Get the whole story by visiting the site.


        Nearby is another well known monument.  We speak of the resting place for the eggs of the ancient creature known in the mythology as Imposimazoo (the superlative imposter).   This encrusted lifeform once wreaked havoc and confusion upon ancient Huhu society. Imposimazoo infestations were commonplace until Oldold developed a way to identify them (Smell Identify).  See an actual egg through the glass containment wall.


        The Town Museum is the work of the Growlerville Historical Society, and is a favorite for most visitors.  Here you find the most complete collection of artifacts from the Ancient Huhu Councils, the Huhu Magistrate, and the Parents of Antiquity.  The costumes are stunning.  The second floor has a great exhibit on Oldold. The statue of him in the rotunda seems so lifelike and real that many tourists say hello expecting a response.  It's made from an encrusted clay called Scratch.  You've got to see it to believe it!  View a copy of the Book of Lies, one of his famous prank encrustations. The Oldold wristband is on loan from the Dutchess of Hu.  There's also a Voice Throw and a One's A Crowd on display.


        Down the road a bit is the huge T-9 manufacturing plant.  This is where they refine T-9 ore into products like Way Out and Bottomless Bag

Way Out is the famous "portable hole," and Bottomless Bag is a small flexible container that can hold literally everything.  We recommend that you take the factory tour.  It covers the entire history, from the mining and transportation of T-9 ore, the development of No Holes (the inert material used to make the Bottomless Bag and the container for Way Out), to the purification and manufacture of Way Out by virtual encrusted robots  There's  even an actual demonstration by Mother Huhu of how to get something back that has fallen into a Way Out.   Very interesting stuff!


        More information is available in town at the booth in Town Center, the museum, the mall, or at the Huhu Authority. As a tourist, you will find most citizens to be friendly and helpful.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with the departure requirements, which have been recently modified to discourage the smuggling of encrusted articles. 


Be warned: They strictly enforce customs regulations.