Oldold, Our Ancestor And Master Of Natural Forces

The ingenious ancient who changed the way we look at nature.

He is the most well known ancestor of the current residents of Growlerville - almost everyone here claims to be his descendant. An innovator and risk taker, this ancient healer/shaman/philospher/scientist gathered and painstakingly studied every encrusted phenomenon he came upon during his early years wandering within the Sacred Reservoir (the ancient name of the Forbidden Zone). Oldold's research enabled him to develop all kinds of powerful applications of these new discoveries. His legacy is seen in the very foundation of Growlerville, in a culture based on the brilliant exploitation of unbelievable and often dangerous natural forces found in this area.

    Oldold came of age at a time when the special minerals, produce, and artifacts in the Sacred Reservoir were gaining acceptance by the populace. In spite of strictly enforced legal prohibitions, there was a thriving trade in these items. Raised as a healer, he successfully exploited the forces omnipresent in all things natural, while constantly teaching himself to recognize and respect these gifts of the grandfathers. He discovered a myriad of such gifts in the exquisitely unusual energies that fortune hunters illegally harvested from the Sacred Reservoir. Oldold was drawn into the struggle between the oppressive magistrates whose laws and enforcers deprived society of this incredible bounty, and the poor citizens who were the constant victims of incompetence and injustice. His deep involvement in the research of encrusted powers eventually caused the magistrates to recognize him as the enemy, and he was forced to become a fugitive. Ultimately, Oldold was instrumental in the downfall of the magistrates, using forbidden forces to subvert the magistrate's enforcers.

These were very dangerous times. Oldold was not alone in his interests. Many others were also conducting experiments, and as these unique forces were dispersed beyond the Sacred Reservoir and into the hands of the ignorant alchemists and magicians, many unforseen consequences arose, creating new kinds of problems for society. Some of these unusual circumstances went to the extreme. Many uncontrolled chain reactions were potentially devastating by themselves. Encrusted organisms ranging from viruses, plants and animals were slowly getting a foothold here, adapting to survive in this new environment, but not always hospitable. Fortunately, Oldold was able to use his vast knowledge to help his culture survive the onslaught of these numerous encrusted natural catastrophes, and to prevent others from occuring.

His natural tendency toward innovation nurtured the advancement of the nontraditionalists long before they became generally accepted. Oldold was one of the first to embrace encrusted homeopathy, accupinchure, audio and light therapies, magnetics, and aromatics. He never pursued wealth. Instead, without seeking to profit from it, he unselfishly released all his accumulated knowledge in his now famous volume, Magical Reference, volume 2.




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