GrowlerZone Issue #4

GrowlerZone #4 + + + + GrowlerZone #4

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Issue #4
"Confusion provides all the clarity one needs." (Brother Huhu)

In this issue:

- - DEAR GROWLERZONE: Feedback forum

- - SUGGESTED LISTENING: Growler Radio 24 EverCool:
The consequences of harvesting shadows

- - GRIST: Cracks in the Facade of Tradition

- - AMAZING HUHU FACTS: Success can lie in the opposite direction.

- - THE REAL GROWLERVILLE REPORTS: More first hand Growlerville News
The Hall Of Disasters, Dr. Growler, & more

- - UNCLE HUHU'S KNOCK-KNOCK CITY: More favorite silliness from a Pro



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Dear GrowlerZone,
What are the sexes of the two lead kids, Zebe & Rue?
We've seen reviews that say boy & girl, 2 boys, and 2 girls.
My kids say 2 girls. What's the scoop? TP

Dear TP,
We intentionally obscurred this issue in favor of gender neutrality. Let your imagination decide.


Dear GrowlerZone,
We are very interested in the Eensies - the guys who are as small as poppy seeds.
We learned about them in GR 17, Edible Incredible.
Are they in any other stories?
If not, will you consider featuring them a little more sometime? MC Pliers.

Dear MC,
You're in luck. The Eensies are featured big in Growler Radio 24, EverCool.
You actually get to meet two brilliant Eensie scientists.
And more stories are planned featuring the tiniest citizens of Growlerville. GZ


Dear GrowlerZone,
Perhaps you can settle an argument.
In the Growler Radio theme music, my daughter says she hears an Australian aboriginal instrument called the dijeri doo.
I say it's synths.
What is the TRUTH? Wonga Ghens

Dear Wonga,
She's right. Also spelled didjeri doo. GZ


Got questions or comments? Let's hear from you.
gz @ growler.com Put "Dear GrowlerZone" on the subject line.




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Dr. Growler's company, EverCool, is a hugely successful enterprise, manufacturing everything from appliances to soft drinks. It's a household name that everyone loves for its amazing products.

But there's a dark spot out in the meadow that seems to be growing, and the trees and plants are all dying..

Being up in a tree house gives you a great view from above. It's a cool place to observe woodpeckers, or deer, or even someone harvesting shadows.

The kids rescue the Eensies, get severely exposed to a dangerous substance, and discover that the remedy is not a sure thing.

Concepts: Anti-light

Revisits: The Eensies from Growler Radio 17




GRIST: Changes in the Wind?

by QB Snifs

Growlerville was built on technological advances in the application of natural (or encrusted) forces. So it's no surprise that the locals are by tradition, strongly pro-magic.
By a large majority, they want no controls on its use. For as long as anyone can remember, all 9 seats on the Huhu Authority have been held by pro-magic legislators, and no one really expects this to ever change

But there has always been a very conservative constituency slowly gaining ground, pushing for tighter controls on the use of any kind of magic. "It's already out of control!" has been the consistent theme of Growler Fred's many efforts to win a seat on the Huhu Authority.

Although he has not been victorious in the elections (in fact, he's been ignored), he has been instrumental in the recent success of magic licensing legislation. Highly unpopular at first, the qualification examinations & other requirements of magic practitioners that he advocated have reduced the reported accident rate by more than 50%, and all of a sudden, Growlerville is listening to him.

Scarred by his multiple experiences as a victim of magic, Growler Fred felt obligated to speak out against its indiscriminate use whenever he found an audience. He got his big break when he was hired to voice his complaints on Uncle Huhu's infamous "I Don't Blame You" segment on Growler Radio.

Lots of listeners liked what they heard. Pundits are even saying he has a good chance of winning this fall, and the other pols have stopped ignoring him.

Today the pro-magic Growler Times shows a picture of Fred doing a victory sign with the caption:

"Doesn't this frighten anyone?"

Fred responded with a suggestion that the Times and its Huhu editorial staff stay away from racial stereotyping.

"What are they saying, all Growlers are scary? This is profiling by the media in the worst way and apologies are in order!"

It's hard to imagine a Growlerville that is anything but completely, and unquestionably pro-magic. It is the legacy of a culture that has confronted and implemented natural forces since prehistoric times. The debt to this traditional magical past is evident everywhere.

Political heavyweight Mother Huhu refused comment on the Growler Fred phenomenon, but was overheard telling her aides.......

"It would be our downfall to start implementing anti-magic legislation. That's like snowmen being anti-snow. Do we want to be that stupid?"

Meanwhile, Fred keeps climbing in the polls.





AMAZING HUHU FACTS (Growler Radio 24 EverCool)

Item: Essence of Shadow

Fact: Sometimes great progress can be made by going in the opposite direction 

Dr. Growler's original intent was to eliminate night.

Although he studied every aspect of illumination, his experiments involving artificial light resulted in terrible failures. Undaunted, he turned his attention in the opposite direction, choosing to study the conceptual notions and philosophies of darkness. He read the journals of Oldold during his Forbidden Zone wanderings and became very interested in an encrusted deposit Oldold referred to as the Shadow Sponge.

Oldold had observed that there were never any shadows in the vicinity of the Shadow Sponge.
Dr. Growler located the deposit, removed a sample, and conducted years of intensive research. He successfully exploited the encrusted capabilities of the Shadow Sponge, developing a portable device he called the shadow harvester, which could gather the bountiful anti-light that accompanies shadows. He was now certain that Project No Night was a realizable dream. What was night, after all, but the darkness caused by the planetary shadow?

He reasoned: capture all the shadows, and voila, no more night! He started harvesting every shadow he found. He stored what he called, the "Essence of Shadow" in an insulated shadow box, and soon discovered that the special properties of the Essence had great commercial value.

Now, Dr. Growler is simultaneously harvesting shadows for Project No Night, and making a fortune selling products made from the same shadows.

 And that's an amazing Huhu Fact!





Knock knock.
Who's there?
Jenny who?
Je need any help finding the tiny dressing room?.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Ghost who?
Go start the show, the crowd's waiting.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Ivan who?
I've invested all my money in magic props.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Hatch who?
Bless you and please cover your mouth next time.


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GROWLER RADIO 15 - Recipe For Disaster

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What is going on in the woods? A strange machine is hovering about, making weird noises and searching for something. Suddenly, an accident reveals that all of Growlerville is in great danger. And the only remedy has been removed from all copies of Magical Reference.

Concepts: Encrusted virus Betwixt & Between, consequences of censorship

GROWLER RADIO 26 - Timefish

The Timefish evolved the ability to create an opening in time called a temporal vortex, through which they can travel to other timezones in search of better survival conditions.
But is this temporal vortex a dangerous place for the Baby Huhu?
And what is Prof. Growler doing with all those fake crickets?

An organization called EARS (Encrusted Animal Rights Society) has been protesting the exploitation of encrusted animals by scientists. They've even infiltrated Prof. Growler's project.
The kids get caught up in a weird experiment, and then lead a last ditch rescue effort.


(1) The temporal vortex, where time does not pass, and a species that travels through time to find the best conditions for survival.
(2) A thriving species composed of one, sterile individual.


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The Real Growlerville Reports

The Real Growlerville 4: The Ethics Of Encrusted Animal Research

A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E

The first substance of recognized value to be taken commercially was a gem called "Glitch." .......many of these miners never returned from the Forbidden Zone.........Read More.