Sayings Of Oldold

Wise Words From The Master Of Natural Forces

(various sources)


"it may not be the circles you travel in, but rather that you're traveling in circles at all."


"if you have a lot to say, you probably shouldn't say it."



"the only justification for lies is the truth."


"confusion provides all the clarity one needs."


"be sure to let me know if you don't get this message."


"that's precisely what vague is all about."



"to be frank, paul had to change his name."


"some garbage is more trash than rubbish."



"it's a most urgent message of no importance."


"in order to become disenchanted, you must first become enchanted."



"always be as smart as possible, but no smarter."


"i can't decide what to do, but i have definitely made up my mind."


"where there's dirt, you'll find dirt farmers."


"in the costume party of life, disguise the limit."



"oh no, not again."


"sometimes there is an urgent need to do nothing -as quickly as possible."


"without stupidity, where would we be?"


"before the sumptuous meal, was the presumptuous host."



"please report all observations of excessive normality."





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