GrowlerZone Issue #5

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Issue #5
"Be sure to let me know if you don't get this message." (Oldold)

In this issue:

- - DEAR GROWLERZONE: Feedback forum

- - SUGGESTED LISTENING: Growler Radio 25 Camouflage:
And you thought invisibility was a problem!

- - GRIST: More Fuel for the Anti-magic Forces

- - AMAZING HUHU FACTS: Sometimes Success IS Failure.

- - THE REAL GROWLERVILLE REPORTS: More first hand Growlerville News
More Glitch with Frequent Experiences of Deja Vu

- - UNCLE HUHU'S KNOCK-KNOCK CITY: This Pro Just Keeps on Knocking

Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your stupidity or lack there of?



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Dear GrowlerZone,
What are the sexes of the two lead kids, Zebe & Rue?
We've seen reviews that say boy & girl, 2 boys, and 2 girls.
My kids say 2 girls. What's the scoop? TP

Dear TP,
We intentionally obscurred this issue in favor of gender neutrality. Let your imagination decide.


Dear GrowlerZone,
We've heard rumors that there will soon be a read-along book series for all Growler audio stories. Is this true? When can we get them? Astle Lutely.

Dear Astle,
Where do these rumors come from? Mother Huhu's project involves teeny tiny books only for the Eensies. No word on availability. GZ


Dear GrowlerZone,
What is happening with Growler Louise? We have only 3 stories with her voice. We keep hearing references to her, but where is she? Will she be in any future programs? Shelly Dances

Dear Shelly,
You're not the only one asking those questions. We've been  trying to get Growler Louise into the studio for over 3 years! She never returns our calls, and we haven't seen her in person since the last recording session in 1994. GZ


Dear GrowlerZone,
In Growler Radio 16 "Seeds Of Doubt" there's an encrusted crystal called Upsy that is able to suspend things off the ground. Can one Upsy on the ground suspend another Upsy off the ground? Wonce Moore

Dear Wonce,
We just tried it and yes, it can. GZ

Got questions or comments? Let's hear from you.
gz @ growler.com Put "Dear GrowlerZone" on the subject line.





GROWLER RADIO 25 - Camouflage

Mother Huhu had a slight accident during the taping of her show. But not to worry. Everything that escaped has by now been recaptured and is being held in small glass containment traps spread out on the lawn, waiting to be put back into the vault by the baby Huhu. What else could possibly go wrong?

When you suddenly can't see your own body, there are questions that need answering. Is there any difference between being invisible and being perfectly camouflaged? Have magic practitioners become lax when it comes to safety issues?

And what exactly is 100% Visibility?

Concepts: Invisibility, visibility, perception.

Revisits: Magic safety issues.




GRIST: Anti-magic Opposition Forces Continue to Gain Ground.

by QB Snifs

If Mother Huhu thought she was gaining a public mandate for her party's pro-magic platform, the results of the latest poll will change her mind. They show that her favorable rating took a 23% drop as a result of the Camouflage disaster. She has acknowledged complete and unequivocal responsibility for the incident. At this point in time, the substance has already contaminated a majority of Growlerville, and seems to be spreading out of control as containment efforts continue to fail.

A spokesperson for opposition candidate says:

"Once again, Growler Fred is sacrificing his own well being, forced by the bad judgments of the incumbents, to become a victim of magic. You have to understand the level of commitment this guy has," he exclaims.

"Fred has been working as a civil servant to help contain this dangerous substance unleashed by his opponent. As a result of his noble service to the community, Fred has been contaminated with Camouflage, yet he continues to serve. Is there any greater act of commitment?

This will be our new elected official, most definitely now!"

Mother Huhu just blew her political career!

The Growler Times has been staunchly pro-magic, but today, on the editorial page, there's a piece called "Enough Beating Up On Fred." The piece by pundit Prof. QB Snifs predicts that the sympathy vote alone is going to be a major factor in this election, and may in fact determine the outcome. "Everyone has enjoyed seeing Fred be the butt of the joke for a long time."

Now they're saying, 'I'm maybe starting to feel a little sorry for that guy. Look what they're doing to him".

And over and over. Enough already! It's scary, alright.

Everyone is starting to like Growler Fred.

Are you pro-magic or anti-magic? Think Fred can win? Email us: gz @ growler.com




AMAZING HUHU FACTS (Growler Radio 24 EverCool)

Item: Camouflage

Fact: Sometimes success IS failure. 

It was the ancient Huhu shaman culture that first embraced encrusted experimentation, and made the first known attempts to harness the diverse natural powers so abundantly available to them in the Forbidden Zone. Although the passing on of their knowledge was an exclusively oral tradition, much is learned from the artifacts of their trade. Ancient Huhu were incredible artisans, and their work reveals a world of both extreme successes and devastating failures..

Take for example the encrusted preparation called Camouflage. It was created and distributed by the shaman leadership, who were desperate to help their hunters provide food for starving families. The hunters complained that they were seldom able to get close enough to their prey to use their crude spears and knives. The shaman had already experimented with invisibility and stealth, so they struggled to perfect an encrusted formula combining these elements. The physical form was a dark purple liquid which the shaman contained in a tiny, transparent bottle

One drop of Camouflage was applied to the clothing of each hunter in a morning ritual on the day of the first experimental hunt. Before lunch, the hunters appeared back in camp with enough game to feed the village for a dozen moons. It was an amazing success. Everyone celebrated, with a huge feast that lasted well into the night. But then, a strange thing happened. The next morning, all the hunters were unable to find their clothing. They laughed at how effective Camouflage really was. They felt it was really no problem and liberally applied Camouflage to their new hunting garb. More strange things happened. Not only did they always lose the clothing they had treated with the encrusted preparation, but they also started losing their other belongings.

Camouflage worked because it was predisposed to consuming the visibility of any object it touched. The problem was that after it had consumed an object's visibility, it then moved on to other, adjacent visible things, consuming the visibility of everything in it's path. To make things worse, every hunter had used it many times before the shaman leadership realized that they had unleashed a disaster of frightening proportions. Records show that even family members were lost. Many, many suffered.

Before Camouflage was completely contained, many had lost everything.
Camouflage was so successful that it was, in the end, a total disaster! 

 And that's an amazing Huhu Fact!




The Real Growlerville Reports

The Real Growlerville 5: More Glitch

A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E

Professor QB Snifs released an astonishing scientific paper documenting his research on the mineral known as Glitch.
He theorized that Glitch transformed itself into the active agent.........
Read More.




Knock knock.
Who's there?
Werewolf who?
We're wolfing down Christmas dinner.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Noah who?
Know a way to fix these broken ornaments?

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Annie who?
Annie more Nothing left in that tube?

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Thumb who?
Thumb times I just don't know about you!


Click here for the big collection of knock-knock jokes from Uncle Huhu: More Knocks




Another recommended story that May Not relate to this issue of GrowlerZone:

GROWLER RADIO 17 - Edible Incredible

Another industrial accident! This time it occurred during the manufacture of a magic food creation product. and now it threatens the Growlerville's survival. The Huhu Authority is asking citizens not to eat public property.  And to make things worse, the tiny volunteers who were on their way to save Growlerville now seem to have been kidnapped!

A map is found that has an "X" drawn at the tip of Nose Rock.  Zebe and Rue recognize the location and end up embroiled in a dangerous situation. The problem is the kids fit the description of the kidnappers....... AND they've been caught breaking the rules.

1st visit: The eensies, the smallest members of Growlerville are introduced.

Concept: Not everything should be edible!




Instant Stupidity Examination

Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your stupidity or lack there of? SO take this Instant Stupidity Examination and see where you stand.




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