GrowlerZone Issue #8

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Issue #8
"In order to become disenchanted you must first become enchanted." (Oldold)

In this issue:

- - DEAR GROWLERZONE: Feedback forum

- - SUGGESTED LISTENING: Growler Radio 4 Imposimazoo:
Funding for encrusted research monopolized.

- - GRIST: Funding for Encrusted Research Monopolized.

- - AMAZING HUHU FACTS: Imposimazoo

- - THE REAL GROWLERVILLE REPORTS: More first hand Growlerville News
Mr. E gets charged with theft of cultural artifacts.

- - THE MAGIC QUALIFICATION EXAM: It's now a requirement.

- - UNCLE HUHU'S KNOCK-KNOCK CITY: Knock Knock Says This Pro



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Dear GrowlerZone,
My son says that the experience of being inside the Temporal
Vortex (Growler Radio 25 "Timefish") is the same as one caused by the Time Stop music (Growler Radio 9 "Time Stop"). In both cases, time does not pass. Did he catch you in a duplication? Nofir Salu

Dear Nofir,
The experiences are similar in that the passage of time halts
for the participant. A major difference is that the Temporal
Vortex has a physical manifestation (a way to get in or out),
but Time Stop requires knowledge to initiate & reverse. GZ


Dear GrowlerZone,
In your catalog and on your web homepage, there is a depiction of a seven fingered glove. We finally figured out that this is Fast
Fingers, the prosthesis that supercharges your dexterity. But why
7 fingers? And what does the SQ stand for? TK5Roth

Dear TK5Roth,
Fast Fingers looks like a glove for someone with 7 fingers, but
it's designed to be used by a normal person. Dom the tech thinks
that the device was optimized for certain tasks that required
more digits, like tying shoelaces with one hand. The one shown
belongs to the dj Suzy Cucumber or Suzy Q, hence the "SQ" on
the cuff.GZ


Dear GrowlerZone,
Is there really such a thing as fried water? How is it different
from boiled water? Phollo Leeds

Dear Phollo,
In GR5 "Dry Water" the Huhu are frying Dry Water at the
festival. Dry Water has had the wetness factor removed and
this affects the taste and the way it cooks, unlike wet water.
Hope this helps.GZ

Got questions or comments? Let's hear from you.
gz @ growler.com Put "Dear GrowlerZone" on the subject line.





GROWLER RADIO 4 - Imposimazoo

What was it that the ancient Huhu intentionally sealed under all those rocks, and why has Growlerville been quarantined?
Sometimes it's better to leave things buried the way your ancestors intended.... Unless you're prepared to suffer the consequences of contamination.

The wristband that she lost was unique.  There are no others like it.  Because it's so valuable, the Dutchess is offering a reward for it's return.  Now it seems there are TWO of them. 
Or are there? 

And what exactly does Imposimazoo look like?

Concepts: Mimicry for survival.

Revisits: The Hall of Disasters. See The Real Growlerville Reports #6, #7, #8




GRIST: Research Grant Fishiness.

by QB Snifs

Last weekend, at an unnamed midtown restaurant, The Dutchess of Hu was overheard complaining loudly to her agent about not getting government funding next year for her project researching encrusted olfactory capability (magic smells). This after decades of commitment by the government, as well as massive public support. In her frustration, she has been credited with saying, "Something smells very fishy in the land of the research grant!"

Funding of controversial projects has always been a hot topic here. Every recipient of government funds has a good argument as to how the public is served by the investment, pretty much a requirement to get the money to begin with. It's also a fact that researchers seeking money for high risk projects in this town are so numerous that the chances of any one getting funded are pretty slim. So an industry was born, professional agencies whose mission was the selling of research ideas to the government and numerous philanthropic organizations for funding consideration.

A successful agent has an eye for spotting good ideas, but this must be coupled with useful contacts, exceptional copywriting and presentation skills, long hours, and an ample amount of sheer luck. The work is grueling, the competition fierce, and most agents barely make ends meet. So it is incredible news when one particular agent garners all the available funding, as Eye Each Ildren has miraculously done.

Although there is no proof, she has come under harsh criticism and suspicion from the research community for employing some yet unknown encrusted capability to obtain her monopolistic success. Her lawyer continues to say that no laws have been broken, but that only seems to increase interest in this story.

Ms. Ildren refuses to comment on her success................."No comment!"

But what really makes it interesting is that this agent has only one client. The data published in the funding awards newsletter shows that one researcher to be the brilliant and powerful Dr. Growler. Like the successful excavation of the recently discovered Urn Of The Imposimazoo, these projects tend to be spectacular news events, as well as obvious advancements for the scientific community.

Eye Each also got funding for Dr. Growler's New Year's Day Mass Revocation Of Reality experiment (the results of which are still unclear), all the research leading to the Dry Water technology, and the giant EverCool project.

EverCool has quickly become the single most powerful industrial force in the history of Growlerville, and has made Dr. Growler fabulously wealthy. And now it seems he also has all the research money.

Where are the watchdogs?

Anybody know what's going on here? Email us: gz @ growler.com




AMAZING HUHU FACTS (Growler Radio 4 - Imposimazoo)

Item: Imposimazoo

Fact: Imposimazoo is a conundrum -both harmless and disastrous. 

 Ancient Huhu hieroglyphics speak of a mythical creature which contaminated the population until our technology produced a magic smell enchantment that could detect its presence. We speak of the dreaded Imposimazoo.

Buried deep beneath a column of intentionally positioned retaining boulders, an ancient urn was recently unearthed revealing more astonishing details about this important mythical creature.  Because so few details have ever been found concerning the Imposimazoo's appearance, the artwork on this urn is significant.

It seems the ancients described this famous mythological creature as both having no form and having all forms, as being both harmless and disastrous.

 And that's an amazing Huhu Fact!



The Magic qualification Exam

Take the Magic Qualification Exam. The Huhu Authority recently ruled that all those seeking a license to practice must meet certain minimum requirements, including a passing score on this examination. This is a copy of last year's exam.

This is a copy of last year's exam. The Magic Qualification Examination.

If you qualify to practice, you will be notified by scroll.  Black ink on black cloth shall name your rank for none to see. You will be expected to uphold the Oath Of The Responsible Practitioner, to always bear witness on behalf of all.

Ranks covered by this examination: Qualified, Able, Proficient, Expert, Level One Expert, Level Two Expert.

All fees collected in the licensing process are used to compensate the victims of encrusted disasters through the Victims Of Magic Fund.



The Real Growlerville Reports

The Real Growlerville 8: TheImposimazoo Pavilion

A first hand account by investigative journalist, Mr. E

The Imposimazoo Pavillion has an amazing demonstration of this little imposter's capabilities.
Contained with nothing to copy, it's an egg. Unleashed, Imposimazoo can take on almost any form at will...........Read More.




Knock knock.
Who's there?
Jefferson yourself on a sun deck?

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Edible who?
Edibaloney sandwich for lunch..

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Donate who?
Doan ate the peas, while Doan's brother ate the carrots!

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Sheila who?
She loves to play piano!

Click here for the big collection of knock-knock jokes from Uncle Huhu: More Knocks




Another recommended story that May Relate to this issue of GrowlerZone:

GROWLER RADIO 18 - The Ring of Truth

They think they've discovered one of Oldold's secret magic sources, a sealed mine holding an encrusted clay called Scratch. With it, you can easily make duplicates of anything. It's so much fun you could forget there's a flaw.   

Warning: Oldold once referred to it as "a menace disguised as a blessing."

What clogged the vacuum cleaner was an amazing device called The Ring Of Truth. It makes sounds that predict the future, and it leads the kids right smack into a fiasco of major proportions. 

Sometimes some things are intended to be kept sealed.

Revisits: Another naturally occurring magical duplication phenomena.

Concept: Duplication.




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