The Growler Tapes: The Classic Series I-IV

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I - Cutting the Cord

Think it's easy to get a Growler's flashlight?  Think again!!  Even with help from Elma and the Huhu, you'll need courage, and you've got to have the right tool.

This is the first Growler tape, and the only one to begin in an unknown place.  In the dark, the kids drop and lose a key they need to get home.  Their search for the key leads them to discover a strange recycling plant, and the Growlers who do the sorting.

Length: 18:53 min.

Cutting The Cord Crossword Puzzle: Click HERE to go to the puzzle.


II  - A Sign From The Sky

Sleeping out under the stars can be a fantastic experience.  Ask the Huhu.  They're in the meadow waiting for Mother Huhu's magic show, but Growler Fred is angry.

The kids weren't the only ones to see where that shooting star landed.  They follow Brother Huhu to the magic show, but get lost in the process.  What's that?  A cave?  With all the lights on?  Someone's practicing a saxophone!  He's BIG... and his shoelaces are untied.

Length: 24:20 min.

A Sign From The Sky: Click HERE to go to the puzzle.


III  - Square Bubbles

Wouldn't you follow square bubbles if you saw them for real?  Have great fun hypothesizing with Papa Huhu and Professor Elma, after a close call with a saxaphone playing Growler.

Somewhere, just off the main campus of the School Of Thought, Papa Huhu was blowing square bubbles from his dishwater.   Only when he used it all up, he was unable to make more.  What was the ingredient that made it work?  

Experiments are in order.

Length: 26:39 min.

Square Bubbles Crossword Puzzle: Click HERE to go to the puzzle.


IV  - Quarter Past Twenty

How is it possible to get stuck in the sky?  Easy!!  Win the contest on late night Huhu Radio and go for it. But try to stay clear of  Dr. Growler and his Project No Night

Awakened by a tiny clock/radio/phone tuned to Suzy Q's show, the kids end up on a balloon ride high into the moonlit night sky.  Up, up, up.  But their communication system fails and the balloon is on a collision course with a large object floating in the sky.

Cutting The Cord Crossword Puzzle: Click HERE to go to the puzzle.

Length: 24:25 min.